How to Be Passionate in Both Your Career and Personal Life

How to Be Passionate in Both Your Career and Personal Life

This is a guest post by Theresa Moodie, a wellness coach, Yoga instructor and personal trainer currently based in Johannesburg. She combines various ‘life’ coaching frameworks with different movement modalities, most often Yoga, to ensure lasting changes in lifestyle habits and internal dialogue.
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It is possible to find passion, success and harmony in both your career and personal life.

A couple years ago I fell out of love with a lot of things in my life. My work became stale, my studies hadn’t manifested quite the way I had wanted them to. I felt bored and frustrated.

So I started to sit and think. To be still, to quiet my mind and find my breath. I made a conscious decision to dump the baggage and look forward to a future that I could shape and create.

What came to follow was astonishing. A space of confidence, intuition and infinite possibilities.

I started to take risks. I learned to ask for help, to accept help and to share my unrest openly and honestly. I worked hard to stop sweating the small stuff which gave me energy instead to focus on dreaming big, even huge.

In the great words of Rumi: “There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen”

I decided to take a brave step forward and register for my 200hr RYS Yoga teacher trainers course, not in Johannesburg where I live, but rather London.

I boarded a plane set for an adventure, away from my husband, our beautiful home and all things familiar.

[tweetthis]There is nothing quite like removing yourself from your regular routine to gain perspective. [/tweetthis]

We are all guilty of taking too many day to day treasures for granted.

My experience in London was in a phrase: life changing. It was 100% the catalyst I had been craving. A self indulgent 4 week, 200hr intensive course where I was able to fully submerge myself physically, mentally and spiritually into a space of growth and learning.

Movement has always been a space that allows me to embody my mood, a space to release emotions and allow the psyche and the soma to connect. An active space for the mind to heal and the body to grow ever stronger.

This truly is my philosophy and passion, in both my career and personal life.

In our surrender we open ourselves to change, possibility and a natural gravitation to people on a similar path.

It was towards the end of my time in London that I sent Lara an email. We had been in high school together and had not seen each other in 14 years! It just so happened that we were able to meet up. We quickly realized that we shared the same passion for holistic well being.

Lara has been living in Corsica for the last four years and we decided what better place for Destination Namaste to host their very first Yoga and Well being retreat than in Porto Vecchio, Corsica. The timing was perfect! Effortless in fact.

I have found a space of absolute privilege, to share, connect and grow with others.

Lara and I are so excited about our upcoming retreat. The theme focuses on Yoga, movement, but also teaching skills that allow you to continue to make healthier decisions when back in the real world. It is the manifestation of my coaching style, combining a goal orientated, solutions focused action plan with the reinforcement of regular movement patterns.

Take the time to encourage change, habituate your well being.

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