Happy New Year: What Bad Habit Will You Kick In 2016?

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Happy New Year to all! With 2016 officially underway, it is time for the time-honored tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions. Plenty of people will be packing the gyms in order to get into shape and trim weight. How long they stay in that gym is the question. Another common resolution is kicking a bad habit. So whether you want to stop biting your nails or drinking soda, the new year is the perfect catalyst to do so.

For those needing inspiration, here are some ideas.

In 2016, what will be the bad habit you kick?

Phone Use Before Bed.

Phone use right before bed is a pretty common and seemingly harmless act. Just before or even after you switch out the lights, you find yourself making one last run through emails, scrolling through Facebook, or playing a candy related mobile game. The one good thing about this habit, is that it really does not hurt anyone else, except potentially your partner if they would rather not hear the clicking of phone keys before bed.

Despite the harmlessness of this habit, it actually can really affect you in a negative way. The light from your screen can actually hurt your sleep cycle. The light actually creates a biological cue that it is morning. So while you know it is nighttime, your body starts preparing for the morning.

Your body produces a chemical known as melatonin which essentially makes you sleepy. The light from your screen can trick your body, causing it to affect how it produces that melatonin. Thus, you aren’t as sleepy or you may not have as deep of a sleep.

Tip: Charge your phone someplace out of reach of the bed. Instead of leaving it on the nightstand, leave your phone on a dresser that actually makes you get out of bed to reach. That way you are less likely to use it while in bed. You should also leave it screen side down to avoid the light from incoming texts and emails, from disturbing your sleep.

Drinking a Soda/Eating a Dessert with Every Meal.

Another seemingly harmless habit is having a soda or a dessert with every meal. While everyone generally knows that this isn’t the healthiest of habits, it can’t be all bad right? Well, let’s start with the soda. Pop such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, root beer, Mountain Dew, and other are absolutely loaded with sugar. Many of them contain more sugar than desserts. The sweetness is just masked by other flavors and carbonation.

For example, in a single can of Coca-Cola there are 9.33 teaspoons of sugar. Teaspoons are small right? Well, do a trial run. Go to your sugar jar and measure our 9.33 teaspoons of sugar. Now, drink it. Stop! Don’t really drink it. But you get the point.

Desserts on the other hand might actually be less harmful to you than soda, depending on what you are eating for dessert. Triple fudge brownies? Not good. Mixed berries with a dollop of whip cream? Much better.

The point is that desserts can be okay in moderation and with respect to what type of dessert it is. You should not be eating a dessert after every meal.

Holding On To Grudges.

Moving on to a little more serious note, another bad habit you should kick is holding on to grudges. Almost everyone does it at some point. You had an argument with a family member or close friend and you refuse to move past it. Whether this was your fault or the other party wronged you, it is still a bad habit to hold on to a grudge. The reason being is that there simply is not enough time in your life to harbor negative feelings towards someone.

You hear a lot about how a daughter may not have spoken to her mother in ten year or a son has refused to talk to his father in five years. Whatever the situation is, the result tends to be the same. The two parties in question hold on to their grudges until it is too late. The parent passes away or the child has an abrupt death. Now, the living family members are left with lost time with a loved one and no way to apologize.

It is best to apologize and move on if possible. You don’t want to be that person that hasn’t talked to a loved in ten years only to learn that they have passed away. Even without the event of a death, you still lose all those years and potential experiences with that individual. If the issue between family members is severe, seek professional counseling help to mediate the situation. The sooner you are able to move past issues, the happier you will be.

[tweetthis]Staying mad at someone takes a lot more effort than being happy.[/tweetthis]

Netflix and Chill.

Finally, to end on a later note, stop binge watching Netflix. From one Netflix user to another, the addiction is real. It is really hard to hit the pause button when “Making a Murderer” is all that anyone talks about and Netflix autoplays the next episode as soon as one finishes. Try to fight the urge to keep watching. Sitting for ten straight hours watching a TV show is very unhealthy physically, psychologically, and socially. Go outside and enjoy 2016!

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