Upgrade Your Morning Routine with These 5 Quick and Easy Changes

upgrade your morning routine

Waking up early is one way to win the day by kickstarting it. But how you spend your morning is equally important.

The routine you’ve created can include things like working out, meditation, healthy breakfast, doing some focused work on your business idea, preparing for the day, writing or reading, and other successful and productive activities. But there are some useful changes you can make to take things to the next level.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve your morning ritual for better results:

How to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

1. Track.

You may have already built great morning habits, but are you sure you can’t perform better?

Some of the things you’re doing first thing in the morning may be time-wasting, while others may be quite productive and it would be better if you focus more on them.

You can know that by writing down the things you do, how long each takes, how you feel after that, etc.

Tracking is a powerful tool that helps you analyze how you spend your time and become more efficient.

2. Get moving.

You’re just waking up, but that doesn’t mean you should be lazy.

Get up with the first alarm and start doing stuff. That’s a great way to wake up your brain and jumpstart the day.

That can happen by taking action right after you open your eyes. Go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, take a shower, get dressed, stretch, or else. Just get moving.

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3. Add more activities.

There’s always more stuff you can add to upgrade your morning routine.

Here I’ve listed 36 morning habits that are great for the first part of the day.

4. Prepare the night before.

Hack your morning ritual by getting ready in the evening. Make a to-do list and include all the things that need to get done tomorrow, define which are most important and try to decide what to start with first thing in the morning.

Also, get your clothes ready. Do the dishes now so that they aren’t the first thing you see when you wake up.

All this will save you time and unnecessary worries and will let you enjoy your morning and make the most of it.

5. Have a purpose.

Waking up early is the difficult part. Here I’ve listen some tricks that can help you leave bed immediately after the first alarm goes off.

But the best advice is to go to bed with the intention to raise early.

Make these 5 changes to upgrade your morning routine and you’ll feel like a new person.

What other tricks can you think of that will let you be productive from the minute you wake up?

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