The Art of Breaking Bad Habits

Are you tired of trying to take control of your behavior and build successful habits?

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I know I got tired at some point. Then, I started doing my research, I learned how other people have done it and actually understood the whole process.

Turns out it’s all about breaking bad habits before anything else.

Only defining, understanding and removing the bad behavior can let us replace it with good habits, that will lead us to success in life.

I’m on a quest to create actionable, short and powerful books that solve a common problem.
This month I’m releasing How to Break Any Bad Habit: Understanding and Using the Science of Habits to Replace Bad Ones with Good Ones and Make Them Stick.

how to break any bad habit - book

Here’s what the book is all about in a nutshell:

I start by discussing the importance of habits in general. I believe they are better than goals, and it’s what will ultimately get us to where we want to be.

I make a clear distinction between goals and habits and say why exactly it’s worth working on your behavior starting today.

Then, I move onto helping you define the bad habit you’ll want to break for this experiment.

I call this an experiment as the book gives you everything you need to know to be able to put things into practice right away, but you’ll need to choose just one such bad habit that you want to stop and do everything right. Make mistakes and learn from them, that’s a must actually. Then, you’ll know what to expect, how long it takes and what works best for you. With that powerful knowledge and experience you’ll be able to quit any bad habit you’ve ever struggled with. In fact, you’ll become an expert at breaking bad habits.

Still in this part of the book, I cover the basics of habit forming and breaking. There’s science and psychology behind that and I believe we need to be aware of how things work so that we can do something about them.

In the second section, I move onto the practical stuff. I cover consistency, motivation (you’ll see why short-term motivation is better and how to get it), preventing failure, changing your environment and basically how to be ruthless with your habits and make sure you follow through with the transformation.

If you think you can benefit from a read like that, grab it here and start breaking bad habits today.

Breaking bad habits seems like mission impossible to most people. They’ve tried many times, failed and now live with the idea that there’s nothing else they can do.

The fact that most people do the same gives them comfort and they don’t feel the need to try another approach.

But the ideal lifestyle is still waiting for you out there. It’s out of your comfort zone and will only be given to you once you get rid of the bad behaviors that have kept you in a prison your whole life.

And you have all it takes to do that.

Here’s to you and your life without bad habits!

Lidiya K

Lidiya K

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