You’re probably aware of the importance of goal setting and how having objectives can help you stay focused and on the right path. But what many people desperately want to learn is how to accomplish goals faster.

There are easy ways to do that and it will make your journey to the ideal lifestyle not only bearable, but filled with meaning, motivation and fun.

Here I’ll share what I’ve found to work and how it can help you get where you want to be. You will also learn how to use motivation to achieve your goals.

How to Accomplish Goals

1. Choose one.

I’ve talked about the case of New Year’s resolutions a few times before. One of the main reasons why they fail is that people set many goals at once.

As a result, they get overwhelmed by the many changes they promise to make, aren’t prepared mentally to go through that and soon give up.

That’s because our brain just doesn’t work this way when setting and going after objectives.

Focus is key here, but you can’t go from zero to 5 goals.

Instead, choose one thing you want to change for now. Let it be your experiment, learn how to set goals and achieve them by failing and learning from it. Then, once you successfully reach that dream of yours, you’ll be able to replicate the success with anything else you desire.

2. Make sure it’s something you truly want.

Too often people go after the wrong thing in life.

It may sound quite tempting and ambitious and setting it may make you look good in front of others, but in the end of the day it’s you who knows whether you’ve set the right goal or not.

Don’t fall into the trap of living by someone else’s standards. Get clear about the things you want in life and conduct a self-analysis to see what your passions and dreams are, but also what you don’t want to have in your future life and what you hate doing.

This way you’ll save yourself a lot of precious time. Achieving a goal you don’t truly desire will lead to a miserable life and not being happy with the person you become. But if you find the right objective and start your journey towards it, you’ll get there faster.

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3. Chunk the goal down into achievable steps.

Broad goals can not only make you feel like it’s impossible to accomplish them, but they are an illusion which scares people.

The thing is, every objective is big in its initial version. But, in reality, it’s just a series of steps, each of which requires focus and effort.

You’ll need to take your eyes off the end result and just make it till the next step. That’s how a big journey becomes easier, and how anything difficult and overwhelming in life can be broken down into smaller tasks.

So how to accomplish goals faster when they seem big and scary? Write down what it takes to get there, break this into smaller, manageable and quicker actions. Do it again.

Now you have a list with all the steps you need to take that will help you win. But forget about the rest, think of the first three. And simply start with the very first action. It shouldn’t take long or need any effort at all to do it.

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4. Achieve your goal by being constantly motivated.

To follow through with your goals, you’ll need to rely on short-term motivation. But that’s not bad, it’s another easy thing, it just requires consistency and making sure you always keep your why in mind.

  • Know why you set that goal and visualize achieving it.
  • Feel accomplished after taking each small step from the list you just created.
  • Read about other successful people to stay inspired.
  • Connect with like-minded people and encourage each other.
  • Find an accountability buddy.
  • Stay positive.
  • Feel proud of yourself for knowing how to accomplish goals faster and doing something about your life.
  • Track your progress and feel good when you see results.
  • Find simple ways to trick your mind into taking the daily action connected to your goals.

Once you start following these 4 steps, goal setting and success don’t seem that hard. In fact, it’s not a challenge and you find ways to have fun while doing this.

Put some effort into taking the first few steps until you see results. Once you get there, this will be your motivation boost to keep going.

‘How can I achieve my goals?’ isn’t something you’ll wonder all the time anymore. Now you know the how, have found the why and become action-oriented.

What else can you add to help others learn how to accomplish goals in no time while being motivated?