If you could invent something what would it be? If you had all the powers, talent, resources, desire and time, what would you create and why?

Maybe the next bestseller? A technology that will fix bad mood in an instant? A cure for a rare disease? A new type of food that would help feed people from the Third World? A sanctuary where you and your family can be safe and peaceful? A service to help people deal with loss once and for all? A product to let you create more time? A new software to help you be twice as productive when doing online work? Beautiful design work? Or a spaceship so that you can go on your own in space and just forget about reality and its problems?

The possibilities are countless. The only limits are those of our imagination. But one thing remains the same – many people are full of such ideas, they think about them, they talk about them, they are jealous of others that act upon them, but few dare to do anything to make them a reality.

Truth is, we’re all creators, we’re inventors, we’re the designers of our lives, we shape our future and who we become, but we also have the right abilities and talents needed to create amazing things from scratch.

Human beings are creators, flinging powerful images into the minds of their fellow men. And all of these images are built of tiny particles of thought. – Roy H. Williams

Thomas Edison failed 10000 times before he invented the light bulb. The Harry Potter books and ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ were turned down many times prior to getting published, and if J.K. Rowling and Tim Ferris weren’t believers and action-oriented individuals, they would have never realized they had written bestsellers that would change the lives of whole generations in different ways.

So from what I’ve seen in history, what lies behind every successful person, and what every leader has understood early on, we can invent anything.

You can start a startup for less than $100, you can turn your passion into a career, you can start writing right away if you feel like there’s something you have to say and publish it online, share it on social media and let people decide whether it has the potential to go viral.

The Internet has removed the need for initial capital, it’s your laziness and doubts you have to conquer.

So, the right question isn’t ‘If you could invent something what could it be?’. The question you should ask yourself daily is, ‘What can I start working on right now that can potentially turn into the next big thing and help me make a difference?’

The implication is that this basic idea we have that we are controlled by our genes is false. It’s an idea that turns us into victims. I’m saying we are the creators of our situation. The genes are merely the blueprints. We are the contractors, and we can adjust those blueprints. And we can even rewrite them.
Bruce Lipton

You can either keep coming up with excuses (you can easily make it over 100 if you take the time), or get to work.

Start by doing your research, getting clear about the vision, making a reality check to see if you’re really the right person to create this thing. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, maybe your efforts are better invested in something else, or in a completely another field.

Stop wishing for superpowers, gather everything you already have – your experience and knowledge, your mentors and like-minded friends, your desire to learn and make mistakes, your vision and the specific goals you’ll set around it, your ability to track progress and find ways to stay consistent and motivated.

Do that and get to work!

So, what’s the big thing you’ll be working on next?

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