Minimalism gives importance to need and discard. This saves us from getting our lives tangled in a web of complications and frustrations.

Wondering how? Advertising has become that devil which implants ideas in our mind regarding consumption of goods and services which at the end of the day we can easily do without.

Do you really need that iPhone when you can easily get a cell phone that costs much less and does its intended job? Advertising has done nothing but made us gluttons who experience withdrawal symptoms when we cannot fulfill our materialistic fantasies.

When we can’t fulfill our wants we become bitter, negative human beings who don’t enjoy the small and beautiful things in life and make everyone including ourselves miserable.

Less is indeed more and a minimalist lifestyle should be adapted by each and every one of us.

Here are 12 reasons to convince you to get rid of all those unnecessary things lying around in your house and actually start living life:

How to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

1. Spend less.

Most of us have the bad habit of spending more than we earn, this is simply due to our never-ending wants. Just imagine a life devoid of debt and sleepless nights. Also, make it a point to save as much as you can because you never know when you would actually need it since everyone has dark days at least once in their lifetime.

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2. Focus on health and hobbies.

Get rid of that brand fetish to fill up the void in your life. Shopping websites will not make you happy.

What will truly make you blissful is indulging your hobbies. Reading, dancing, exercise, gardening, and any other hobby can be cultivated provided you have the passion for it.

3. Less attention to material possessions.

Don’t give in to the temptation of buying stuff that you don’t need.

If you really have that much money, why not do something good with it like donating for charity or helping a friend who is in dire need of financial help. You can live a happy and healthy life without spoiling yourself with all those goodies.

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4. Better relationships.

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We are checking our mobile phones every two second. And, now with the advent of tablets and phablets, this irritating habit of getting lost in gadgets and forgetting about the entire world has increased by tenfold.

Stop texting and start having face to face interaction with people that you care about.

This would not only strengthen your bond but make you realize the value of relationships.

5. Live in a smaller place.

Our houses are getting bigger and so is our mortgage loan.

Do we really need all that space? We are mostly living alone or our families are nuclear, so we don’t require a house that big.

6. Be more productive.

Instead of spending life as a couch potato in front of that big LCD TV that you could have easily not purchased, why don’t you go for a run or a hike with your friends and enjoy all that beautiful nature around you?

You can also use nootropics to help you wake up from that perpetual daze and become an efficient worker.

7. Support causes.

There is ample poverty around us. No use being in denial about it.

Make a change by going out there and helping people who need money.

Volunteer at shelters, support causes to fight injustice. At the end of the day, you will realize that you have made some contribution in making the world a better place.

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8. More happiness.

benefits of gratitude

When you actually get rid of all that disillusionment and start doing things that matter, you will see that you are no longer unhappy or miserable.

Having a purpose in life and living a minimalist lifestyle will help you to get rid of all that unnecessary clutter that you have made around you with material possessions.

9. A secondhand wardrobe.

Minimalists can easily do with second hand clothing.

Think about it, you get the same thing at a much less cost. Indirectly you are being eco friendly and saving our planet too!

10. Less fear of failure.

This lifestyle will give you ample peace of mind.

Once you get rid of the worldly possession you will no longer have the fear of losing them. You will enjoy human connections, nature, and your hobbies, among other things.

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11. Confidence.

The minimalist lifestyle makes you self-dependent which if you think closely makes you free from the dependency on others to achieve your day to day goals.

It’s hugely liberating and makes you a super confident person when you know that you can depend on yourself enough to make your wishes come true.

12. Peace of mind.

Lastly, does materialistic stuff guarantee you a life full of peace? It sure doesn’t.

When you have little stress in life, you become joyful and content with your life.

You realize that everything is not in your control and one can live happily even with a few things as long as they have food in their stomach, a roof on their head and a house to live in.

So what about you? What can you do today to live a more minimalist lifestyle?

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