Why is confidence such a big deal?

Well, for a start, without it you can’t really get out there, express your opinion, try new things, believe in yourself, approach new people, level up in life, dream big and begin living on your own terms.

But if you’re confident enough, nothing can stop you on your way to success.

We all need more self-esteem to go after our goals in life and to believe in our abilities to such an extent, that we can aim higher and try harder.

I improved my confidence a lot in the last 2 or so years. It happened because of a few little things I started to do repeatedly. That’s why I call them confidence habits and believe they are the reason I feel so okay with myself now that rejection doesn’t bother me and no one can really make me feel bad about myself.

Here they are:

My Best Confidence Habits

1. Being alright with my weaknesses.

Let’s be honest, we all have them.

It’s just impossible to be good at everything. And that’s perfectly fine. But if it bothers you so much that you constantly focus on your bad sides and the things you can’t do in life, then you won’t see progress or feel good any time soon.

What you need to do is accept your flaws and weaknesses. Let them be. Stop trying to be perfect and improve them. You’re just not meant to be good at them.

2. Focusing on my strengths.

Instead, concentrate on what you can do and are good at. And do more of it.

You’ll see results faster and will feel accomplished and that will make you have a higher opinion of yourself.

3. Accepting compliments.

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Some time ago I didn’t accept them. I just wasn’t feeling comfortable when someone gave me a compliment. Which is a sign that I didn’t believe it, had a low self-esteem, and by not receiving the compliment I was showing that to the other person.

But now that I’m aware of the things I’m good at and focus solely on them, I do accept compliments. It’s not that I feel proud or anything, but I simply say thank you and do my best to believe the other person and consider that what he says may be true even if I haven’t thought about it.

That’s a great confidence habit and an easy one to develop. Try it.

4. Setting goals and trying to achieve them.

Nothing can boost your confidence as much as knowing you’re doing your best and going after what you want in life. And other people have nothing to do with that.

In fact, once you set goals and follow the steps daily, you don’t even need to share that with others. But be sure that they will notice your determination and self-reliance and will respect you more.

5. Knowing that everyone can reach greatness.

We’re all capable of much more than we realize. There’s potential and strength inside each of us. And we already have all it takes to reach the top of a career, master a skill, or be lifestyle designers and create the ideal life for ourselves.

The only limitations are the ones we set to ourselves. And that’s such a comforting thought. It means that no matter how insecure we are or how many times we’ve failed, we can simply forget that and try new ways to become successful. Eventually we’ll succeed, simply because that’s what we’re destined to do.

You’ve got potential. Use it.

6. Confidence affirmations.

A super simple and fast solution to gaining self-esteem is to repeat to yourself confidence affirmations. Here’s a list of 100 affirmations to boost your self-esteem.

7. Living life on my own terms.

Becoming financially and emotionally independent is a great way to feel comfortable in your skin and not let anyone put you down anymore.

Now that I’m self-employed, working on becoming location independent, and doing other things to create my ideal lifestyle, I feel much more confident and it’s a rare case for something to bring me down.

8. Becoming independent.

As a result of what I just mentioned, I also take responsibility for everything that happens in my life instead of blaming others, and don’t really rely on anyone else.

9. Not needing another person to feel complete.

I’ve come to some important realizations about my life and myself, have defined what I want and don’t want and feel good about myself.

That lets me be okay with who I am and know that happiness is an inner state. That’s why I don’t depend on a relationship to fill any void inside me as many people do.

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10. Admitting my accomplishments.

I think we should all talk openly about our past successes. Not to brag, but to analyze them, accept them and not to be ashamed to share them with others.

So these are the changes I’ve made in my mindset and the confidence habits I’ve developed over the past 2 years that helped me gain self-esteem.

What do you think? What other tricks for being more confident are you familiar with? And which of these confidence habits are you willing to develop first?