LRS 022: How to Be Happy Without Changing Anything

how to be happy - podcast episode

Welcome to the 22nd episode of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast. The topic today is how to be happy without changing anything on the outside.

Whoever you are, there’s something I’m sure we have in common. We want to be happier. How we define happiness may be different, but that’s a goal we share. And it’s what everyone wants, whether he’s doing something about it or not.

That’s what I’ll talk about in today’s show – finding happiness in daily life, without trying too much, without putting in a lot of effort.

In fact, I’ll not just discuss how to be happy, but how to reach such a state of mind without changing anything on the outside.

I believe happiness is a choice, and it doesn’t depend on external factors. It’s within us.

Everyone wants to succeed and have great relationships, build a career and become the best version of himself. All these are simple – there are certain things you need to do, changes to make in your lifestyle and steps to take. But it’s not easy. It requires dedication, time, effort, often money, support, sacrifices, hard work and perseverance. That’s why so few have achieved it.

Another thing everyone wants is to be happy. It’s also simple, but what separates it from the things mentioned before, is that it’s easy.

You can be happy right here, right now, without changing anything in your environment or looks. It takes a few deep realizations, but once you do it, everything changes simply because you start looking at things with the eyes of a happy person.

The journey takes place inside of you – your mind mainly, your heart, body and soul. It’s easy and simple and unlike success, relationships and other areas of life, it doesn’t require any knowledge, time or efforts.

All you need to do is explore yourself a bit, change your relationship with yourself, start looking at things in a bit more different way and come to a few important realizations. But after that, you will feel reborn and absolutely ready for the things life has in store.

People think life is complex, that we don’t deserve happiness, that everything comes for a price, and no matter what there will always be something to ruin your pleasure, that every day is a battle and so on. But this attitude itself is self-destructive. It’s too much pressure, anxiety and stress. That makes things complex. Otherwise, everything’s easy, peaceful and pleasant.

You don’t need to work for your happiness.

Don’t confuse it with success, money and being in shape. It’s the easiest thing simply because you can do it in an instant by just going with the flow, seeing all the beauty around you and the positives in your life, experiencing the moment and letting go of the limitations you set for yourself.

You are literally moments away from the ultimate happiness and it’s only because you haven’t decided that you deserve and want to be happy. Maybe you fear it in some way because… well, everything will be great then and you won’t have anything to worry about.

But life in the comfort zone, the one we’re used to leading, includes constant worries and it’s somehow comforting to have many thoughts in your head all the time and feel like many things are going on. If that’s so, you’ve got a bigger problem than just not being happy.

How to be happy?

This sounds like such a simple question. And for most people the answer is even easier: just be.

That really is how it works. And yet, we know so many people that have everything they want, everything it takes to be happy no matter what your definition of happiness and success is, but still don’t feel satisfied, don’t feel like they have a reason to be grateful for, take everything for granted and just aren’t happy.

On the other side, there are people who have less than the average person, but for them it’s more than enough. And they are way happier than those who have more. It’s simply because they appreciate it and thank for it every single day.

Then what does it take to become one of them?

If you want to see how to be happy without changing anything, check out today’s episode.

Show Notes:

  • Who’s to blame for the lack of happiness in your life [1:56]
  • What is happiness [2:17]
  • How others are taking it away from you [3:15]
  • What you do wrong that makes you unhappy [4:22]
  • Where can happiness be found [5:00]
  • 5 ways to be happier [7:24]


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What’s your take on happiness? What would you advice people who want to learn how to be happy? What has worked for you in the past?

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