You know what regular life looks like pretty well.

It’s following the path society has planned for us, living by other people’s standards and trying to please everyone (Impossible!). It’s about seeking security and balance in ridiculous ways – by working a job we hate but which is considered a great option for us, by settling down for less than we deserve in terms of money, freedom, time, work, relationships and more.

Being average – if you ask me – is one of the hardest things to do and an awful way to live life.

But somehow hundreds of millions of people are great at it. Why? Because it’s easier and it’s what they know.

The alternative life – the one we’re meant to live and which is the only way for us to thrive, learn and grow – means dedicating years of your life to first unlearn what society has taught you and change your perception of wrong and right.

Then, you’ll need some more time to reclaim your freedom, design your ideal lifestyle, build a name for yourself and eventually a business. And all that with the sole purpose of being able to live on your own terms, becoming the best version of yourself, contributing to the world by doing your best work, and being a role model and helping others with their journey.

All this can take you to heights you never knew existed.

But all this is also the difficult way to choose, as it requires leaving your comfort zone, saying no to many, many things so that you can say yes to the few that actually matter, and adapting to change.

That’s hard. It takes a lot of time. And means standing against everyone else (society, friends, even loved ones – they will all try to talk you out of your goals and even make you believe you’re crazy and that what you want to achieve is impossible).

But saying no to regular life also means finding peace and joy in everyday life, leaving stress, expectations and rules behind. It means mastering the art of life one area at a time, by getting 1% better daily.

If you still think that ordinary life is the safer and better option and you’re alright living this way, here are some things that may change your opinion:

4 Reasons Why Regular Life Won’t Make You Happy

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1. You’ll always wonder whether that’s all there is to life.

The traditional path is made to seem like it’s all you need in your life to be happy and successful.

Have you even wondered if there’s something more to life than the mundane lifestyle? Have you imagined yourself living a better, freer and simpler life? Have you thought about who you’re supposed to be or whether or not you’re destined to achieve greatness in your own, unique way?

Questions like these don’t just die. They are inside of each of us. They are what’s telling us to explore, try things, get out there and take action.

If you ask a question like that once, you won’t really find peace and contentment unless you do something to find out the answer.

I believe we’re destined to have all the freedom and time, and yet choose to spend these in the most productive, successful and positive way possible.

But the daily life we know doesn’t give us any time or freedom. These are both taken from us the moment we say yes to a regular job. It takes the most active part of our days, and of our lives in general.

If you keep living this way, you’ll also keep asking yourself questions like that.

You’ll keep comparing yourself to the individuals who rejected conformity and are now living an extraordinary life.

That means you’ll have less time to appreciate and enjoy your current lifestyle. And that won’t make you happy.

2. You can’t find your true passions and talents if you live a regular life.

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Being average means being a part of the crowd, doing what’s expected from you and what others are doing. It also means never expanding your horizons, taking risks and challenging yourself.

But without giving different things a chance, how can you find what’s right for you and what you’re good at?

I believe that we have one or more passions in life – true callings, interests, hobbies, talents, things we deeply care about. And it’s our mission to define them and to follow them.

A happy life is one where a part of each day is dedicated to doing what you love.

But ordinary life won’t let you find it. Or if you do – if it’s obvious like your desire to paint or write – it won’t give you time to get better at it and to find a way to monetize it and turn it into your career.

You’ll be stopped from following your dreams in different ways:

  • it’s hard to make money from your art and the easier option you’re given is to have a degree in something else and just start a job in that field after that;
  • if it’s something extraordinary which not many people in the world have achieved (like making money while traveling and doing what you love from your laptop), then almost everyone around you will tell you it’s not worth it;
  • you need to really stop listening to others and do your own research, read and learn a lot, if you want to make a difference, become independent and do what you love for the rest of your life.

But it’s more possible than ever these days to monetize a passion through the Internet and its opportunities. The best thing is that whatever it is you’re dreaming about, someone out there has already found unconventional ways to achieve it and is now living a happy and peaceful life.

Sometimes the harder part is defining your passion. The problem comes because of the many distractions we live with. We aren’t given much time (due to other people, daily problems, tasks, technologies, social life, doing things we’re supposed to do, etc.) to be on our own and decide what we want our life to look like and what we can do about it today.

But your passion is already in front of you, you just remain blind for it. It’s in the things you enjoy doing, and also in those you care about so much that they make you cry and want to take action immediately.

Don’t take such signs for granted. They are your escape plan that will take you to a better life.

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3. You seek happiness in outer sources.

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Part of the big plan of the daily life we’re given, is to let us always strive for more and be sure that happiness will be found there.

Unfortunately, such things only make us more miserable.

The average person seeks happiness in:

  • other people (trying to find the perfect partner, or only feeling good when communicating with others);
  • material objects (buying new stuff, getting attached to them, not being able to let go of old belongings, always wanting the newest version of a product);
  • goals (you think a better position at work or a higher salary will solve your problems, that a better body or a bigger house will make you feel confident).

That’s a never-ending chasing of happiness.

But there’s another way to spend your days on this planet. Here’s how:

  • letting go of past and future and being in the present moment, mindful of what’s going on around you right now;
  • counting your blessings every morning;
  • accepting what you can’t change;
  • appreciating the people in your life and spending quality time with them;
  • choosing less over more;
  • getting rid of possessions instead of buying new ones;
  • loving who you are today but still doing something to get a little better tomorrow;
  • knowing that you yourself are enough and not needing another person to feel complete;
  • being able to say no to people and stuff if you don’t really need them.

These are just some of the differences between the two lifestyles I’m talking about.

4. You indulge in bad behaviors.

Junk food, smoking, laziness, procrastination, negativity – all these are things you can find in the comfort zone of regular life.

But it’s also what society gives you – to always try to change these habits of yours and yet fail miserably, so that you can give thousands of dollars for courses, books or products on how to change them and improve yourself; so that you can feel exhausted daily and never take initiative and maybe create a profitable business or make a difference in the world.

A person who’s onto something in life, however, is one who has understood the importance of the things we do daily (our habits) and has taken the time to learn the psychology behind all that.

Our behavior can be changed over time and we can still save our future. But we first need to dig deep into our subconsciousness and realize what makes us seek comfort in such bad habits, why we struggle with changing them and what will actually happen when we take control of them.

It all starts by choosing one habit and making a step-by-step plan. Then, staying consistent and motivated so that you can see changes in your life.

Once you’ve replaced one bad habit with a good one, you can move onto the next. This way you can be a new version of yourself in a few years.

Unfortunately, the moment most people hear ‘few years’, they give up.

This post can go on forever, actually.

It’s a topic I’m passionate about as I believe in people’s potential and am sure everyone can do big things with their life. It’s just that they don’t realize how possible it is, don’t believe in themselves enough, and aren’t ready to dedicate what’s needed.

Who knows, maybe this post with open their eyes. That’s the best I can hope for and that’s why I wrote it.

What do you think about all that? Share your opinion on regular life and people’s potential in the comments below.

If you consider it inspiring or informative in any way, share it with your friends on social media using the buttons on the left. I’ll appreciate it. And maybe it will make someone take action today. 🙂

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