LRS 023: Morning Pages: What Are The Benefits and How to Do Them

morning pages benefits - podcast episode

Welcome to the 23rd episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast. Today we’ll talk about a fantastic and simple habit you can develop that will bring you many unexpected benefits. That’s morning pages, and it may sound like nothing more than writing in the morning, but I’ll now give you the ways in which that can change your whole life, and how to do it the right way.

Morning pages are a concept that includes writing down your thoughts (or whatever comes to mind) right after you wake up, and the benefits of that exercise are many.

The point is to clear your mind, unleash your creative genius, feel freer and more peaceful by letting it all out, make your mind more alert and find out things about yourself that you didn’t know before.

Many successful people are practicing it and describe it as one of the simplest habits they’ve developed, but which has a positive effect on every area of their lives.

So what are the actual advantages of doing morning pages? How can they change your life, you as a person and how you see things?

Show Notes:

  • What are morning pages [0:32]
  • Benefits of doing them [1:14]
  • How writing in the morning makes you more expressive and improves your communication skills [1:40]
  • Getting to know yourself better as a result of this practice [2:39]
  • Using morning pages to overcome traumatic events [3:30]
  • How to practice gratitude with the help of morning pages [4:42]
  • How long should morning pages be [6:34]
  • What’s the best time to do them and why [7:16]
  • Where to do morning pages [8:07]
  • Can you type instead of writing [8:35]
  • 3 morning pages hacks [10:31]


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What about you? Have you tried morning pages? If not, are you planning on building the habit of writing first thing in the morning?

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