Complexity doesn’t need to be part of your days. There are easy ways to simplify your life.

Simplicity creates sincere joy, brings peace and freedom, and helps us see what really matters.

It’s the process of removing the unnecessary and revealing the true essence of life. Of getting rid of what complicates it so that we can have fun, be at ease and appreciate what we have.

Here are 6 things to simplify today for a simpler and happier living:

1. Beliefs.

To drastically simplify your life, stop trying to please everyone and living by someone else’s standards.

Everyone wants to grab our attention and make us believe what he has to offer, and, at some point, we get confused. We don’t really know what our values are anymore, and get frustrated.

So ditch everything you ‘have to’ think, the things you’re told are right, and stop following the crowd.

Eliminate all past and future thoughts and focus on the now.

Only there will you find what really matters. Find out what you care about the most, what gives you power, what you’re passionate about. These are your beliefs.

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2. Speech.

Stop using so many unnecessary words. People barely understand you when you’re not direct.

Hints, lies, exaggeration, unimportant facts, long descriptions – these are all things that ruin communication.

In the end, you haven’t actually said what you wanted to in the first place.

So speak directly, speak the truth, and say exactly what you have in mind – nothing more. You’ll simplify your life so much.

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3. Habits.

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Most often we fail at developing good habits because we start too many at once, start big, have huge expectations, are eager to see results, use up our willpower, and get distracted by many others things.

So stop doing that.

Try the other approach – start small, work on one habit at a time, make a list of the steps you need to take and then make time to take one action a day.

That’s easy and simple. It doesn’t take much effort, willpower, time or energy.

4. Clothes.

Throw away or donate all the clothes you haven’t worn in a year and the ones you’ve never used.

Stop thinking that you will wear them one day. That time may never come and until then, you’ll live in clutter.

5. Belongings.

You don’t need most of the things in your house.

Most people live with so much stuff that only takes up space and requires maintenance. The more you have, the more you’ll need to clean, look after and think about.

In the end, your belongings own you. You become their slave.

So be realistic. Eliminate the unnecessary and simplify your life.

6. To-do list.

There are way too many tasks on it. And not all of them are essential.

People feel in control, more organized and responsible when they have a lot of things to do. But they often end up just being busy, not getting anything important done and just wasting time they can be spending with their family and doing things they enjoy.

Don’t become one of them. Live more simply and work smarter by removing anything that doesn’t bring you the results you want.

Analyze your to-do list. Forget about the tasks that someone else can do, that aren’t urgent, connected to your goals, or that won’t make your life or the life of others better in any way.

It’s all simple, right? You’re just removing what’s not necessary but the benefits are mind-blowing.

You’ll have so much freedom, peace, contentment and joy. And will leave stress and clutter behind.

What other ways to simplify your life can you think of?