Studying is a necessary evil when you are in college and school. It can be tedious and at times quite tiring but focused and efficient study will help you achieve your goals.

Being organized in terms of your study will also help to reduce your stress levels when it comes to exams, because you will be calmed by the fact that you have covered all the topics that you need to.

Being a student is a wonderful time whether you are in high school or third level college education. It’s a time where you meet lots of new people; you make lots of new friends; you get to learn lots of new information and broaden your horizons on the world and also gain some independence. But also it can be a source of stress for many in terms of study and revising.

That’s because most people don’t know how to study smart instead of hard.

Exams and assignments are inevitable for students but it still doesn’t mean that everyone enjoys the process. Some people are very focused on their studies and find it natural to be able to keep on top of things. These people usually display good organizational skills and understand that their study is required in order to achieve their long-term goals.

Other students struggle to get into a routine and as a result once exam time comes around, they feel immense pressure in order to get on top of things. College courses can be overwhelming especially for new students who are also trying to adapt to possibly living away from home, so it’s a lot to take in at once.

Some students study smart and best alone while others study best in groups. It’s possible many will like an amalgamation of both methods. Some topics might be best worked with over a group discussion or sometimes it can help to work in a group especially if there’s a topic you are struggling with as others in the group might be able to bring you on.

Whatever method of study works for you, it’s important that you don’t put huge amounts of pressure on yourself. Getting good grades will – of course – help you in the course of your career path, but putting huge pressure on yourself to succeed will only serve to cause you to possibly underperform at exam time as the pressure gets the better of you.

You don’t need to study that hard. What you need is to find a way to hack study productivity and do it the smart way.

By taking a regimented and planned approach to your study plans and to your assignments, you are likely going to feel more calm and satisfied because you are learning on a regular basis.

Keeping on top of your study as you go through the different semesters will keep you in tune with what areas you struggle with and allow you to get more help on those.

Don’t be afraid to approach your teachers and tutors for help if you feel a certain subject or module causes problems. Your teachers and tutors will help you and they will appreciate that you are a conscientious student by the fact you approached them in the first place.

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe aims to assist students to study smart, more effectively and give them some tips on how to achieve that.

It explains the science behind studying which throws up an interesting formula for your study methods; it gives suggestions on how to get the most from study sessions and it breaks down various timelines that you may find you have in order to get your revision targets covered.

How do you deal with study productivity? What do you do to study smart rather than hard?

About The Author

This is a guest post by Aris Grigoriou – a Student Recruitment Manager for Study Medicine Europe, a medical student recruitment business that secures placement for prospective students of medicine and veterinary studies from all over the world into affordable universities in Europe.