Top 5 Habits of Successful People That You Need to Adopt - benefits of fitness

There are many things in life we can’t control. And it’s much better to accept them and let them be, while focusing on what we can control instead.

That’s our behavior, the things we do daily and our attitude towards life.

So work on that and you’ll be able to dominate your day, and your whole life in the long-term.

Habits are powerful. Ingraining a new one isn’t that hard, but it does take time and dedication.

A few essential habits stand out, though, when we’re talking about day domination. Here they are:

1. Wake up early.

The benefits of waking up early are many and great.

Leaving bed an hour earlier than we have to, for example, gives us extra time that can be invested in personal and spiritual growth and planning and organizing the following day.

It will also give you some quiet time for yourself, you won’t need to be in a rush as usual, and all this will be your reason to wake up with the first alarm.

2. Create a whole morning ritual with essential habits.

There are many morning habits you can choose from, and each can take as little as 5 minutes.

Be it meditation, making a to-do list, keeping morning pages, reading something inspirational, journaling, decluttering your desk, eating a healthy breakfast, or else. Choose a few of these and do each right after you leave bed.

Such a routine helps you kickstart the day and be energetic, peaceful and in a good mood till the end of it.

3. Dedicate your most productive time to focused work.

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We all have a certain period of the day when we’re more productive than usual. It’s important to find out when that time is and make the most of it.

Use it to get done the most important tasks you have for the day, the hardest project you’re working on which requires a lot of concentration, and the activities closely related to your goals in life that will give you immediate results.

Do all these during your most productive time. And make sure you let people know that you don’t want to be disturbed while working.

4. 80/20 your day.

Use the Pareto principle in anything you do, that itself is one of the essential habits that will help you double your productivity and dominate every day.

It says that only 20% of the things you do give you 80% of the progress you see.

So define these and focus on them more, while eliminating the rest.

Be selective because your time and focus are limited. It’s always better to invest them in what truly matters and will make you happy and successful in the long-term.

5. Review your goals in the evening.

Make sure you have everything you want to achieve written down, in details.

Set aside a few minutes each evening, after the day is officially over, to review these. That’s when you’ll remind yourself of your vision for the future and thus get a motivation boost. But this exercise will also help you analyze everything you did during the day, how productive you were, and what can be improved so that you keep moving towards these goals.

6. Exercise.

Get moving for an hour daily.

Often people complain that they don’t have any time to work out. That’s when waking up earlier comes in handy. Include a quick workout in your morning routine, and you can be sure you’ll be more energetic and fresh for the whole day.

7. Meditate.

Peace of mind is a must if you want to stay sane, be creative, handle the daily problems with ease and enjoy life more.

Meditation can help you with that. Spend 5-15 minutes in the morning and/or evening to just sit down quietly and try to empty your mind, focus on your breathing and think of a positive mantra.

That will immediately calm you down and will help you stay peaceful and contented all the time.

8. Get a motivation boost before you go out.

After your morning ritual and before you go out, try some of these to motivate yourself and feel more confident:

  • repeat confidence affirmations in the mirror;
  • write down a few things that will make today great;
  • visualize success;
  • listen to music and dance for a few minutes;
  • read motivational quotes out loud;
  • watch an inspirational video.

Here’s a list of motivational quotes to get you pumped up.

All these essential habits are easy, quick and don’t require any special skills. But once you do them, you’ll feel much better.

Most of them just trick your mind into being more positive and confident, others just let you fake it till you make it. But it works.

That’s how you dominate your day. Which of these essential habits do you consider most important? Why?