Getting Your Qualifications Recognised in Australia

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If you are looking for work after relocating to Australia and you have qualifications back in the UK, you will likely need to have this training assessed so that it can be recognised in Australia. Whether you have higher education qualifications, post-secondary technical qualifications or vocational educational qualifications – they will need to be recognised in Australia before you start your job search.

The requirements for jobs in Australia will depend on the occupation – in some jobs there are very strict requirements that need to be met before you start to work and sometimes qualifications are required by law.

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Sometimes you will need to have a skills and qualification assessment before you get a visa, such as if you are getting an Australian skilled migrant visa. You will need to choose an occupation from the SOL list and get your skilled assessment in the occupation you have chosen from an authorised assessing body in Australia.

It might seem like a pain to have your qualifications assessed when emigrating to Australia from the UK. You’ve done all of the work and training already, why do you need to go through more hassle for it to be recognised in Australia? However, this is just one of the realities of working abroad in another country. There will always be hoops that you need to jump through to get a job overseas and it will be more complex than job hunting in your home country. However, when you have found your dream position and you are moving to sunny Oz it will be so worth it!

Who Assesses Overseas Qualifications?

There is no particular governing body or authority in Australia that will assess all overseas qualifications. There are many different bodies depending on your occupation.

In some occupations there are specific skills and knowledge required and you will need to have a particular qualification before applying for the job. If you are looking for a job with no specific requirements you will be able to contact an Australian state or territory government operated Overseas Qualifications Unit to see how your overseas qualification compares when it comes to the equivalent in Australia.

The OQU will be able to give you a general assessment of your overseas qualifications or provide you with further advice on how to get your qualifications that you have obtained overseas recognised. For example, if you are looking to get your qualifications assessed in a trade, you will want to consult the Trades Recognition of Australia. They issue skills assessments for migration purposes and you will need to provide a trade certificate and prove that you have at least 3 years of formal apprenticeship. Essentially, you will need to be able to prove that you can undertake all of the same work as performed by a tradesperson in Australia in the same position.

Your Qualification Might Not Be the Same as the Australian Equivalent

In some situations, the comparisons between the overseas qualification and the Australian equivalent might not be exact. For example, if you have a Bachelor of Science it might not be the same as an Australian Bachelor of Science depending on the subject – it might be comparable to the Qualifications Framework Bachelor Degree in Australia. The way that your qualification from the UK or elsewhere matches up with the Australian qualification will vary greatly, which is why it is important to be assessed.

What If You Don’t Have Qualifications?

If you are a skilled worker but you don’t have any qualifications or papers from your country, it is possible to apply for a “Recognition Prior Learning.” This is a simple way to get assessed based on your work experience and the skills that you have learned on the job. You will need to verify that you have at least 3 years of general trade experience or two years of work experience, as well as skills and knowledge in an associated field. Also, you will need to be able to prove that you have been employed regularly in the same job.

These are the important steps that you will need to take when you are applying for jobs in Australia, so that you can get your qualifications recognised. Once you have your qualifications recognised in Australia you will be able to apply for jobs in your field and take advantage of all the work opportunities that you are qualified for.

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