LRS 025: How to Let Go and Forgive to Liberate Yourself

How to Let Go and Forgive to Liberate Yourself - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

Welcome to the Let’s Reach Success Podcast, episode 25. Today, you’ll learn how to let go and forgive so it’s going to be a very peaceful and even liberating episode, an easy one to listen to.

Forgiveness and letting go are simple processes that happen on the inside, but once they do, we’re free to find happiness in the present moment, without changing anything on the outside.

I’ll talk about the art of letting go and forgiving separately, and will give tips on how to do it too.

On Letting Go

Letting go means going with the flow, leaving things from the past in the past, eliminating needs and desires, fears and doubts, accepting and being okay with ourselves and our present situation.

Letting go is a therapy, an example of wisdom, a gracious way to live life to the fullest and to be free of attachment and the burdens it carries.

When you let go of what was and what will be, of what you want things to be like and of how others expect you to behave, of the negative thoughts, control and security, you meet the beauty and freedom of life for the very first time. Only those who let go of these demons and illusions we live with, realize that they haven’t actually lived before.

The process is simple, but not that easy. It takes some willpower and persistence because you need to break free from the comfort you’ve been living in and embrace the contentment and bliss.

But first you need to know more about letting go, to understand how it works and what the ways to do it are.

On Forgiveness

There are so many things on our mind in each moment. Most of them, however, are just not necessary and are ruining our present moment.

We need to realize, for instance, that we can’t control the world and change it so that it can be the way we like it. We shouldn’t be angry with the past, but let go of what has happened and make peace with it. We often think we’ve done horrible things and deserve to be punished. But the biggest punishment is the guilt we live in. We forget that others have done much worse, and whatever it is that has happened, can’t be changed.

Then comes forgiveness – the ultimate salvation.

To know how to let go and forgive, is to be able to liberate ourselves from the past, fears and insecurity.

It’s the solution to all of the above. We should forgive ourselves for everything we’ve done that we don’t like, and forgive others too.

Forgiveness is a universal language and has so many benefits.

It helps you reach emotional and spiritual freedom and live a happy life. It helps others because you let them continue their life in peace and let things from the past stay there. It’s great for the world in general because it’s an element of compassion.

Forgiveness also helps us let go of guilt.

Guilt is something so many of us struggle with these days. And it’s the way we punish ourselves for what we think we did wrong. But it’s not necessary. You can easily leave it behind and move on.

You do all that by learning how to let go and forgive. And that’s what this episode of the show is all about.

Show Notes:

  • What is letting go and what happens once you start doing it [0:54]
  • How not letting go leads to suffering (+ an example of how we live in the past) [1:56]
  • Holding on is harder than letting go [4:09]
  • How to let go and be present [4:48]
  • What makes forgiveness the ultimate salvation [7:21]
  • How to forgive yourself and everyone else [8:08]
  • How not to be angry with the past (+ a new approach to failures in life) [8:25]
  • What happens when you forgive [9:12]
  • Dealing with guilt [9:35]
  • How to find something worthy inside you [10:20]


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What about you? Do you know how to let go and forgive? What’s stopping you from liberating yourself and moving on?

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