How to Build Confidence with One Powerful Exercise

The Mirror Technique Book on How to Build Confidence with One Powerful Exercise

From what I’ve seen and experienced myself, and from what people have shared with me, lack of confidence seems to be the main thing that’s stopping us from taking action towards our goals.

There’s more to that, though. We also don’t approach new people, aren’t social because we don’t feel comfortable in our skin and thus miss out on what can be the next great relationship.

We are also too insecure to express our opinion. And, sadly, in life we can’t get what we want if we don’t ask for it. Confidence in our abilities is what helps us do it.

Lack of self-esteem makes us sabotage our own happiness and success as well. We consider failure an option, don’t believe we’ll make it this far and often don’t even start because of that, or give up early on.
Be if we were sure of our success, things would be different.

Luckily, there’s one simple but powerful exercise that can get you there – it’s called the mirror technique.

What’s The Mirror Technique?

In its essence, it’s talking to yourself in the mirror, saying powerful affirmations out loud, so that you can tap into your subconscious mind power and start believing anything you say.

Body language plays a big role here, so do the positive statements for self-esteem and success.

Make this a habit, and you’ll be able to see its benefits. Some of them are overcoming shyness and social anxiety, believing in yourself and your abilities to such an extent that you’ll try new stuff, approach new people and never feel inferior to anyone anymore.

What makes the mirror technique unique and practical is the power of the mirror, the effect affirmations have on our mindset, the benefits of doing such successful activities every single day and the magic of believing.

It’s a combination of hypnosis, psychology, pep talk, gratitude, positive thinking, focused thoughts and a strong belief.

Looking in the mirror and talking to yourself does help.

That’s why I created a short guide on the topic called The Mirror Technique: Building Self-Confidence with One Powerful Exercise

the mirror technique book by lidiya k -

So many successful people are doing the mirror technique even after they’ve achieved a lot, only because they know how powerful this little habit is, and how when done daily, can be the one thing that turns their life around.

And the little secret is that saying things in front of a mirror really does make you believe it. It doesn’t change anything in the physical world, but it puts strong, focused thoughts in your mind. And they shape your reality later on.

If all that sounds like something you’d try, check out my mini guide on how to do it and use the power of your mind to become highly confident and achieve all your goals.

Get The Mirror Technique Book Here

What else have you tried that helped you increase your self-esteem? What do you think about the mirror technique? Have you tried talking to the mirror or using positive affirmations before?

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