LRS 026: Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety

overcoming shyness and social anxiety - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

Overcoming shyness is something we all need to work on, one way or another. After all, life is all about communicating freely with others, being our best self and forming great relationships. And for that to happen, we’ll need to stop being shy and so anxious in public.

That’s the topic I chose for episode 26 of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast.

First, I’ll give you 3 great ways to get rid of being shy, they are kind of exercises and can be put into practice right away.

Then, I’ll share the 3 things that helped me deal with social anxiety and develop the right mindset to be able to talk to anyone and feel comfortable in my own skin.

In the end, you’ll hear a new section of the podcast that I’ll be including from now on. It’s super short and action-oriented.

Show Notes:

  • The one thing to learn that will turn your social life around [2:50]
  • What helped me the most when overcoming shyness [3:32]
  • How to leave your comfort zone and start living [5:29]
  • How to use the mirror to gain confidence [6:44]
  • What’s social anxiety and what it leads to [8:50]
  • Here’s why other people don’t think about you much and why that’s actually great [10:43]
  • The only type of approval you need [12:17]
  • How to change your attitude towards rejection and turn it into something positive [13:39]
  • Overcoming shyness: Action steps [15:15]

Action Steps:

  1. Look one person in the eyes for longer today.
  2. Do what feels uncomfortable – try something new, challenge yourself, do something you’re scared of.
  3. Give the mirror technique a try by saying positive affirmations out loud while looking at your reflection in the mirror.
  4. Realize that other people don’t think about you as much as you imagine and let go of the fear of being judged.
  5. Stop seeking approval and only do things that feel right and help you move forward in life.
  6. Change your attitude towards rejection – start seeing it as a good thing, as a way to know what’s not the right fit for you.


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What about your approach to overcoming shyness and social anxiety? What do you do to get over a shy personality and start communicating freely with anyone you meet?

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