LRS 027: Why You’re Not Born to Live an Ordinary Life

Why You’re Not Born to Live an Ordinary Life - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

Today I’ll talk about something I can’t stand, and that’s ordinary life. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of mediocrity, with people who choose not to follow their dreams, get things done and live adventurously, but instead do average stuff all day and complain about not having different results.

But you’re not born to live this way. You have so much to show to the world, but have to get out of your comfort zone to build the skills and develop the mindset needed to get there.

Ordinary life won’t make you happy.

In fact, it will give you an illusion of security, nothing new will ever happen, you’ll become negative and stressed, and will one day realize you’re miserable.

While at the same time, there will be so many people out there who dared to aim higher and to put in the work and time necessary to make their vision a reality. And if you’re living an average life, you may start blaming, making excuses, procrastinating, avoiding the thought of a better life, and so on. That’s the prison of being ordinary. It’s easier to forget about the fact that there’s more to life than the mundane lifestyle. Until you remember it again…

I consider today’s episode a powerful one.

It can either open your eyes for the mediocrity around you, and motivate you to take action to set and follow goals that will lead you to greatness. That’s what I’m hoping for.

But what I’m about to discuss in the show this week may also make you feel bad. In this case, it’s possible that you’re realizing there’s a lot work that needs to be done and a lot more to be sacrificed to make changes in your life and yourself.

You know you want it, but you know you can’t find the willpower and discipline to get up every day and work on what you believe in, without seeing results in the beginning. And that’s why you may feel bad when I talk about the ideal lifestyle and reaching success in any area. You know it’s possible, but you may also disappoint yourself again by saying no to true happiness and yes to mediocrity.

Anyways, let’s see where this will take you by checking out episode 27 of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast, where I’ll talk about why you’re not born to live an ordinary life and what it takes to stop being average.

Show Notes:

  • What does regular life look like and why are so many people good at being average [2:56]
  • Something you’ll always keep asking yourself if you stay average [5:09]
  • How living an ordinary life prevents you from finding and following your passion [6:37]
  • Examples of how average people seek happiness in outer sources [9:12]
  • Why society wants you to indulge in bad behaviors [10:50]
  • How to recognize mediocrity [12:42]
  • How to be average and follow the conventional path [13:52]
  • The result of being average [16:44]
  • Another way to live life [17:08]


Action Steps:

  1. Have an honest conversation with yourself and define what’s ordinary about you and your life.
  2. Take the decision to do something about it today.
  3. Create a personal development plan, set specific goals, create a vision of how you want your life to look like in the near future, turn that into daily lists of easy action steps.
  4. Don’t share that with others in your life so that they won’t try to talk you out of it.
  5. When you feel like you’re avoiding change, doing your old habits again and looking for an easy solution to anything, stop and ask yourself ‘is this really what you want, is this the best you can do, what about the potential inside and all that you can achieve and contribute to the world?’

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So what’s so average about the things you do? Are you living an ordinary life? And do you often feel like you’re born to do better than that?

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