Enjoying Life One Moment at a Time

living life one moment at a time

Are you satisfied with your life? Do you often imagine being at a better place doing something more exciting?

Well, that’s a bad way of spending your precious time. It causes discomfort, and eventually leads to unhappiness.

Many people don’t enjoy life at all because they are never present, they either go back to the past and relive what was, or are somewhere in the future experiencing an ideal reality.

But they are missing out on the only thing they actually have – this moment.

The present moment is your only chance to enjoy life and to do something about a brighter future. If you miss it, together with the next ones, you let life pass by. Until you realize your best years are gone and you end up with regrets and in disappointment.

To stop doing that and be more mindful, to start living consciously and open your heart for the happiness and contentment in the present, live one moment at a time.

Don’t rush through life, don’t wish you were somewhere else, don’t complain about what you don’t have. Simply focus on what you do have, who’s around you and how you’re feeling. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Love it.

If you do it a couple of times, you’ll find it easier and may even turn it into your attitude towards life, how you react to what happens.

That’s possible.

Then you’ll be happy, content and will have peace of mind.

Once you’re enjoying life without expecting certain things to happen, without going back to the past or creating ideals, you’ll want to share that knowledge and let others find out about it too.

How to Live One Moment at a Time

  1. Be here now.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a mystery and it’s okay not to know what will happen. Stop imagining the worse, stop preparing for any outcome.

Just live today. Everything you need is given to you, you yourself have all it takes to spend this moment in the most productive and pleasant way possible.

  1. Go slowly.

Do things slowly. Anything can be done this way – talking, walking, driving, reading, writing, thinking, exercising, eating, taking a shower, putting on your clothes, drinking your coffee, cleaning, etc.

That one change in the way you do things will let you find joy in everything you do. It will turn your days into a meditation session that brings you calm and reduces stress and anxiety.

  1. Keep it positive.

Whatever happens, find the positive sides.

When nothing happens, stop to appreciate the things around you. Remind yourself of your good qualities, thank for the people in your life, feel happy about the opportunities that are coming your way.

  1. Do things you like.

Last but not least, life’s too short to spend time doing things you don’t really enjoy. So ditch them.

Make time only for what you like, be only with people who lift you up and inspire you, read only books that grab your attention, talk only about what excites you.

That’s how you start enjoying life. Make a tiny change in your mindset today and start living one moment at a time.

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