LRS 028: Removing Stress Once and For All

Removing Stress - The Let's Reach Success Podcast - Episode 28

Today’s topic is stress, a common struggle we share.

I’ll talk about ways to reduce it so that you can simplify your life, get back your peace of mind, and be more productive and happier as a result.

I’ll try to look at stress as something outside of us, which can be eliminated pretty easy using a minimalist approach.

Sometimes, all it takes it looking at things from a different point of view, getting to the cause and trying to analyze why we do what we do.

In today’s episode of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast I’ll also share some natural stress relievers, and leave you with tips on what to do today to deal with the stress.

Show Notes:

  • Why stress is actually an illusion and how it’s us who bring it in our days [0:56]
  • How we complicate our life [2:22]
  • A simple reason why we’re so stressed [4:03]
  • Removing stress by getting rid of belongings [5:00]
  • What wanting more leads to [6:22]
  • How to start doing one thing at a time and live more slowly [7:17]
  • The benefits of sauna [10:40]
  • 1 things to add to your menu to remove stress [11:30]
  • More ways to reduce stress naturally [12:15]


Action Steps:

  1. Try to analyze the ways in which you complicate your life. Are you doing too many unnecessary things daily? Are you talking more than you need to and thus complicating communication?
    Make a list of anything that can be reduced and eliminated from your life, as it’s exactly what brings you extra worries and stress.
  2. Let go of past and future and come back to the present moment. Be mindful of what’s around you right now.
  3. Get rid of excess belongings.
  4. Focus on what you have.
  5. Stop multitasking, start removing stress by doing one thing at a time.
  6. Also live life this way by going slowly, doing things you enjoy and being positive.
  7. Start going to the sauna.
  8. Drink carrot juice in the morning.
  9. Meditate daily for a few minutes.
  10. Begin drinking kefir and green tea daily.

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