There are times in life when many outer factors will make you think that you aren’t good enough.

And that’s when you’ll need to gather all the self-esteem you have gained while working on yourself and make yourself believe that you are indeed good enough, remind yourself of the powers within and thus get motivated to take action.

Here are some examples:

Maybe on your last interview they told you that you’re not what they’re looking for. Or someone told you that you don’t answer his expectations. Even your friends and relatives always find a way to show you that you’re just not good enough.

Well, guess what? That is not true. And you can either get depressed and agree with people’s rejection, or prove them wrong.

The only person in this world who knows whether you’re good enough for something or not, is you. And when you think you are not, it’s simply because you’ve fallen under the control of your own limitations.

Why did they call you not good enough?

You may be referred to as “not good enough” for a few reasons:

  • Not motivated enough: You can fail at something or not even find the power to give it a go simply because you haven’t found your motivation. It is the momentum, the outer or inner impulse that can make you achieve anything you want. Once you find it and understand how to keep it and be constantly motivated, you will be even too good for most of the things you want in life.
  • A lack of belief in yourself: When people support you and believe in you, you can feel better and more confident, but nothing will even happen if you yourself don’t believe in your abilities.
  • No self-confidence: You can’t succeed if you’re not confident enough. Without this quality you can’t make people respect you and give you a chance.

So as you see all this can be fixed, learned or achieved. Once you understand why people called you so, you will have the chance to perform better next time.

What to do after that?

Here are the most important things you should do after you’ve been rejected or called “not good enough”:

  • Don’t believe them;
  • Take this as a challenge to prove them wrong;
  • Try to understand what you did wrong and why you didn’t answer their expectations;
  • Don’t let this get in your way and depress you or make you lose confidence;
  • Get motivated to improve your performance;
  • Try again.

Your powers are limitless.

Never forget how powerful you are. At this very moment you’ve got the chance to do whatever you want.

You can pursue a career in whichever field you’re interested and make a fortune; you can start training and eating clean and get the body of your dreams; you can study hard and take a degree in any subject; you can change the way you look and behave; you can devote your life to helping others; you can write a book or create something else and leave a legacy.

And you are good enough to do all of this. You only need to want it bad enough, to be ready to give time, effort and energy. To believe that you can get that, become that person and to work hard for it. To ignore all the distractions on the way and follow your path.

Then you can prove everyone wrong. But it’s important to do it for yourself, and your ultimate purpose. Not for the opinion of others.

So go out there. Show them who you are and what you got. Surprise them with your infinite determination and desire to succeed. Give your best and move forward while appreciating the moment and everything you have. Be thankful for that and make gratitude your momentum. Or in other words, show them you’re more than just good enough.