The Top Event Planning Blogs You Really Should Be Reading

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When it comes to planning an event at conference venues in Cheshire, reading blogs can be a great source of information and inspiration. Event blogs are written by experienced event planners and they are full of great tips and information that will help both attendees and organizers to get the most out of their conference.

The event planning industry is always growing and evolving and it can be difficult to stay up to date with what is going on. One of the best ways is to get into the habit of reading blogs on a regular basis. You can pop into the blog regularly to read the new content that has been published, or you can even subscribe to the blog on RSS and follow them on social media so that you will be notified when new content is published.

So which are the best blogs that you should be reading? In order to help you keep track of the hottest trends in event planning, here are some of the best event planning blogs that you should be reading.

Velvet Chainsaw

Jeff Hurt from Velvet Chainsaw consulting is a deep thinker with a lot of experience in the events and meetings industry. He offers a lot of valuable insight that can make you think about the way you plan conferences, meetings and education. The blogs that he writes are thought-provoking and can really give you some great ideas for your next event.

Endless Entertainment

The Endless Entertainment blog offers some of the best industry tips and tricks. The articles are written to help event planners to be better at their jobs and give them inspiring ideas. Also, the blog highlights the best practices from all over the event planning industry. There are a lot of very interesting and helpful articles on the Endless Entertainment blog, so go ahead and give it a read.

Event Manager Blog

This is one of the big event planning blogs on the scene and it has been around for a while – started in 2007 by Julius Solaris. This blog is very informative and has some great content, including the “Event App Bible.” All of the helpful tips and information on the Event Manager Blog is well organized so that it is very easy to find the resources that you are looking for.

Connect Magazine

As well as being a great magazine, Connect also has a blog where they publish great content about the events industry. Their articles are up to date and interesting and they comment on some important current issues in the industry. For example, they published a post on sexual harassment at events which really sparked an interesting conversation.


This is an event blog that focuses on the social media and technology side of things. It will give you tops on social media options for corporate event planning, as well as letting you know about all of the cool new technology and apps that are now on the market. This is very useful information, as technology is becoming an even more important part of any event.

Tech Talk Blog

Another blog that focuses on the technological side of things, the Tech Talk Blog is written by Corbin Ball. He writes an excellent blog on meetings and planning events and he offers lot of great tips and information. He has years of experience in the industry, so he has a lot of expertise to offer and his writing is straightforward and easy to understand.

Conferences that Work

This blog is an excellent source of tips on how to create high quality events and make them memorable. It is written by Adrian Segar, who is an experienced and talented event professional. The information on here is valuable for those who have a lot of experience and those who are planning their first event – there are a lot of helpful gems that everyone can use.

These are just a few of the best blogs in the event planning industry. When you read these on a regular basis you will gain a lot of valuable insight into the event planning industry and learn some tips and best practices that will help your event at a conference venue (such as Carden Park in Cheshire) to go more smoothly.

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