Average people are those individuals who always go for the easy and fast option, who follow the crowd, live by someone else’s standards, and are pretty much anything successful people have changed about themselves.

But the world is full of such individuals. And their mediocrity is contagious. Why? Because society wants you to be successful, better, more productive, reach the top of a career, different, etc. But once you do, they judge you.

That’s the paradox and few can deal with it. So they choose to seek the approval of the masses and remain in their comfort zone for the rest of their lives. There they can easily keep complaining and blaming, never try new stuff because it’s too risky, and just do the same old things while expecting different results.

I’m sure that’s not the life you want for yourself. Especially if you’re a fan of personal development, are an avid reader and learner, and open to exploring new ways to improve yourself and your lifestyle.

If that’s the case, then you’ll want to immediately stop doing what average people do. Here are some of the signs of being mediocre:

What Average People Do That You Should Eliminate

  1. They wait for the perfect moment.
how to know if you're being productive

It’s much easier to just say that now’s not the right time and wait for better conditions, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, that becomes your attitude towards life. And you start waiting for yourself to be better prepared so that you can start working on something new, you wait for the right person to come into your life instead of getting out there to meet new ones, you say no to opportunities because you’re waiting for something better to come your way, etc.

What’s the result? You never do anything, and life becomes a waiting room.

That’s how average people do it and that gives them comfort. Waiting. But it’s also a mental prison that gives them no peace of mind and happiness.

Don’t let it become your reality. Take action in the present moment, it’s the only place to do something about your future. Take chances now, you never know before you try.

  1. They keep themselves busy.

Those living a regular life keep thinking they’re being productive, when in fact they’re just keeping themselves busy doing unimportant tasks and activities all day.

In the end, they haven’t accomplished much, haven’t taken action upon their goals and can’t say they’ve done their best.

Productivity, however, is all about eliminating anything that doesn’t give you result and doing more of the rest. It also means doing one thing at a time but giving it your full attention, being focused, tracking things, managing your time effectively and ultimately getting things done faster and better.

  1. They spend time with other average people.

If you’re only surrounded by people talking about others, complaining, never listening to each other, without aspirations and goals, who live in the past, blame their parents, are lazy, or else, that what you’ll be slowly turning into.

Whether you like it or not, you’re the average of those you spend most time with daily. So if you don’t want to be average anymore and believe there are better things you could be doing with your life, find more ambitious and hard-working individuals who are making a difference in the world and improving themselves on a daily basis.

  1. They wake up because they have to get to work.
other people and your boss lower your self-esteem at work

What’s the main difference between average people and successful ones?

The former get up at the last minute, put their clothes on, drink their coffee and rush through the door to get to work. They start their day in an awful mood, overwhelmed and stressed, are late and often forget something.

The latter, on the other hand, set their alarm for earlier than they have to be up and take the decision to have a nice morning routine the night before. This way they have a reason to wake up and are in a good mood to kickstart the day with some productive morning habits.

Some meditate and eat a healthy breakfast, others work out and plan out their day. Whatever they choose to do, they make sure their morning doesn’t go to waste. What’s more, they do things slowly, enjoy it and even make time for some creative activities like reading or journaling.

  1. They don’t commit to anything that can make them successful in the long run.

Average people may sometimes try to become better by working on something new. But a few things tend to happen:

  • they can’t choose a project to work on;
  • they jump from one activity to the next and don’t focus their whole attention and invest all their free time in one (so it leads to failure);
  • they remind themselves of past defeats and don’t want to go through this again;
  • they aren’t brave enough to give something risky a go;
  • they listen to those around them who convince them not to try;
  • they aren’t confident in their abilities;


All these are a bunch of excuses. And average people are good at coming up with many of those.

But in the end of the day, all that matters is whether you tried something extraordinary that made you stand out from the crowd. If you didn’t, it’s just another ordinary day of the regular life of an average person.