LRS 029: Are You Ready to Become Location Independent

Are you ready to become location independent? - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

Welcome to the 29th episode of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast everyone, today we’ll talk about one aspect of lifestyle design – location independence.

Working for yourself or starting a business is just one part of the equation, then comes the freedom, and not everyone is ready for it. It means being free from having a boss, having all the time and spending it the way you decide to, and also being financially and location independent. With that come many responsibilities.

Many people are fascinated by the idea of working and living anywhere, and traveling the world at the same time. But there’s more to that. There’s uncertainty, loneliness, changes of direction, productivity struggles, doubts, outer factors, and more.

With this episode, I want you to ask yourself 7 important questions before you decide to become location independent.

They are nothing unusual, but people would rarely sit down and consider stuff like that. When you’re on the other corner of the world, however, having paid  for a few months and not feeling inspired to work on your business ideas anymore, you may realize this lifestyle isn’t for you.

To prevent that from happening, and to be better prepared, let’s think some things through today so that location independence and all the freedom that goes together with it can feel great.

Show Notes:

  • What’s location independence and what do location independent professionals do [2:04]
  • Who is the mobile lifestyle for [2:55]
  • What are mini-retirements and why are they the smarter way to travel [5:00]
  • Types of location independence [6:37]
  • Considering your loved ones when making a lifestyle change [9:01]
  • Calculating your magic number [9:28]
  • Outlining your ideal day as a location independent entrepreneur [10:07]
  • Tim Ferriss’s 2 ways for finding the best place to move to [11:07]
  • Tim’s best locations to live well and spend little [11:43]
  • Where to stay (+ 2 unusual options to find accommodation) [12:51]


Action Steps:

  1. Give it some time to think making a lifestyle change through. Do you truly want to be location independent, to move to another place, work from anywhere or travel the world for some time?
  2. If you do, what type of location independence do you want to try? Will you be taking mini-retirements, traveling slow, moving to a cheap country, or else?
  3. Things will be different if you’re in a relationship, or have kids. Find a way that’s alright for everyone.
  4. Calculate your magic number. How much will you need to make weekly and monthly to be able to afford that lifestyle effortlessly?
  5. How does an ideal day in your location independent lifestyle look like? Describe it in details. Picture it. Know exactly what you want in terms of working time, sleep pattern, free time activities, social life, food, expenses, etc.
  6. Choose your destination and learn everything you can about it.
  7. Explore AirBnB. Check out popular house sitting sites like,,, and more.
  8. Read about travel hacks.

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What’s your take on becoming location independent? Which of these points have you already considered? What else is there to know before you start your new lifestyle?

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