I don’t have a bucket list, more like daily to-do lists. There I can include anything I want and not give it years to become reality, but stay focused on it on a daily basis and move closer to it.

I think bucket lists are similar to New Year’s resolutions to some extent. These are all things people say they want, but rarely any action is taken. And the end result is regrets and disappointment.

But if I really had to make a bucket list, it would be a new-age version of it. One, the items on which focus on spiritual life too, and are not only on the list just because they sound like a great thing to do with your life and everyone else is after that.

In the following post, you’ll see points which may seem quite ordinary to you. But many people spend a lifetime without finding the time or willingness to do them. So here’s an upgraded version of a person’s goals, desires and wishes:

The Bucket List Everyone Should Have

1. Fail.

Make sure you do that in your life, many times.

Not failing means not trying, never taking action and doing stuff. But making mistakes is a powerful experience and priceless lesson.

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2. Try again after that.

The next thing you should do for a life well-lived is to try again and again once you fail.

For that to happen, you’ll need to be okay with mistakes, to be able to accept them, take the lesson (and know what not to do next time) and let them stay in the past.

Then, you’ll still have the will to try again, but in a different way. Eventually, you’ll find what works best, and it will take you to your ideal lifestyle.

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3. Help without expecting anything in return.

Giving seems to be the best investment in life. Too bad people realize it later in life.

We’re made to be always there for others – showing compassion, being kind, doing good deeds, listening and caring about them without asking for anything.

And I believe we’re truly good deep down, we just need to reconnect with our true self. Once we let it be, we can dedicate a big part of our life to helping others.

Here are 2 important things to keep in mind (and stop using them as an excuse not to do anything for others) when adding this item to your bucket list:

  • everyone has a lot to give

Even if you feel like you have nothing, you can still share, give advice, be polite, do favors. Here are 10 little things you can do today, that require no effort, but which can make a difference in someone else’s life.

  • everyone needs help

People often say that others just don’t want to be helped. And they use that as an excuse not to try to alleviate their pain, or else. Don’t let that stop you from giving.

Everyone needs someone to talk to them, encourage and guide them. Show support, give them a smile, tell them it’s going to be okay.

So be that person. Give, help, share. And when you least expect it, the universe will give you twice as much.

You’re unleashing the real you, when you’re reaching out to other people’s souls and try to do something for them. That gives you the satisfaction in life that no material object or achieved goal can.

4. Offer more value than you’re being paid for.

When we talk about bucket lists, leaving a legacy comes to mind too. It’s another thing many people start thinking about too late, and start having regrets.

Your legacy is also your contribution to the world. And many people believe that the work you do while on this planet is your contribution to it.

That’s why you must work hard, be dedicated and be passionate about what you do.

Some of the greatest men in history have realized that and invested most of their life in working on something they believed in. And the results are astounding as all these are people we still respect and can learn from today.

Napoleon Hill wrote about the power of hard work in all his books on success. And that’s a result of exploring the lives of people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller and many others.

The author analyzed everything they did and the mindset they’ve developed that made them achieve the success they had. And one of the key elements that separates such people from the ordinary ones, was the ability to work harder than they are being paid for.

You must offer value and always go beyond average by going the extra mile.

That’s why not many people succeed. It’s something that’s done before you get to see any progress, before the money starts coming in, before you achieve anything. And it’s what builds the character that will one day help you take the responsibility for your success.

5. Listen without judging.

how to have healthy relationships

An item like that must be on everyone’s bucket list, as it’s a thing we rarely (or never) do.

We’ve made communication quite difficult these days. And it would be hard to let go of judgement and to start listening someone else, without letting our mind wander, or without interrupting.

Here comes understanding. If you simply sit in front of a person that’s sharing something with you and see him for who he is, you’ll be able to eliminate any judging, comparing, or trying to change him.

You’re there to listen, without saying anything. In every moment you need to be aware of the fact that he’s a unique human being, thinks differently, has different goals and dreams, and fears and worries. So be compassionate. Don’t judge, don’t expect him to react in a certain way or to behave the way you imagine him too. Let him be who he is and appreciate that real version.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to be more grateful in life, to simplify your life by removing judgmental thoughts from it, to communicate more easily, and thus to help others feel better.

6. Do what you’re afraid of.

That’s the simplest and surest way to get out of your comfort zone. So add it to your upgraded bucket list.

It’s not just about bungee jumping, but also about the irrational fears we share like expressing our feelings, being direct with people, public speaking, asking our boss for promotion, and so on.

You know what terrifies you better than anyone else. Don’t overthink it, go do it today.

It’s one of the most powerful transformations you’ll experience in your life. You’ll feel the adrenaline rush. And once you take the action, you’ll show yourself that you’re stronger than you thoughts, and that the thing itself is not scary.

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7. Work for yourself.

People say they feel comfortable working the job they have. They feel safe and are used to it.

Most often, however, they don’t really like what they do, can’t use their potential to work on side projects and show their talents, and are controlled by people superior to them who often don’t take the best decisions.

But at any moment you may get fired, or the company may go bankrupt. The world is changing fast these days, and you’re missing out on great opportunities because of your current job.

Nothing beats being your own boss and reclaiming your freedom.

It should start like a project in your free time first, while you’re doing your research and trying stuff, and dedicating your mornings, evenings and weekends to finding a way to monetize your ideas. But once you do, you’ll be completely free and independent.

Then you can work hard and know that it’s worth it. You can choose what to do and when. You can be freelancing in the beginning, and become a business owner after that.

The mindset change is tremendous. You realize that you were living in a prison before, and are now free as a bird. And you don’t just sit in an office, trying to fill your time with random activities, but are working super hard on something you believe in.

I suggest you find out what you’re passionate about, put it on top of your bucket list, and find a way to monetize it online. Here are 4 ways to do that.

You owe it to yourself, to the people close to you, and to the world in general to find a field you care about, and then do your best work.

8. Create.

Your art inspires people. Add it to your bucket list.

That’s one of Mark Twain’s best activities (and what he advises everyone to do in their life) together with believing, exploring, thinking, discovering and dreaming.

Some people are born creative, and find a way to become writers, musicians, painters, or whatever they are good at and feel is the right thing for them.

But even if you’re not like them, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a creator. Add that item to your bucket list today.

The Internet offers plenty of ways to create stuff for free and share it with others. That’s another chance for you to contribute and leave a mark. Your art can inspire, your work can help people live better. You never know before you try.

I’m a writer, for example, but released a podcast too. Although that until recently I had never worked with audio content. But it went well. And even if no one listens to the episodes, I’ve done something different, used a new medium to share my message with the world, learned a new skill, extended my personal brand, built a product and offered a new addition to the blog.

My mother, on the other side, makes hand-made stuff. It used to be only jewelry, but now it’s many wedding accessories too, painted beads, and many others things. She sells them online and makes a living this way.

You need to try different things before you find something you do well. But when you do, it will be easy, you’ll enjoy it, will have the chance to get better at it and even make money.

You can make videos, courses or sites. You can create information products, or even apps if you’re into coding. You may brew beer at home and simply share that online so that people can do the same more easily. You can design stuff, invent recipes, make pottery, create greeting cards, take photos, make music, and so on.

It may be just for yourself in the beginning. Keep morning pages, journal your thoughts, create a fitness program, make a business plan, outline your ideal lifestyle on a list, prepare your food at home, paint your room, decorate your home, grow your own garden, write a book, and more.

Once do something like that, your creative juices will start flowing and you’ll become a more passionate person, will have hobbies, will build stuff from nothing.

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9. Master a skill.

Your bucket list can’t go without learning something well.

We can learn any skill if we put our mind to it.

But there are some things we enjoy more than the rest. And considering that our time here is limited, it’s worth focusing on 1-3 skills, embracing our strengths, and mastering them.

10. Start a blog and share what you know with the world.

The best time to do it is today.

If you can’t think of a name (as you don’t have a vision for it, have many interests, or know that your general idea and strategies will change), just use your name.

Get a domain today and start learning how to make sites with WordPress. Here’s a free tutorial I have on how to start a blog.

It’s not hard, and the opportunities from then on are limitless.

You already know a lot about certain things in life, have stuff to share, have hobbies. So write about this until you come up with a vision for your blog.

The point is to start. Without wanting to know everything about getting traffic, monetizing, the technical side, etc. It’s a learning experience and you’ll have enough time to explore all these.

For now, just start.

So what do you think of a bucket list like that? Would you give it a try?