On Keeping Hope Alive and Staying Strong in The Face of Hardships 53

On Keeping Hope Alive and Staying Strong in The Face of Hardships

I’ll never forget the moments I’ve seen strength in people’s eyes in tough situations.

Be it when they were on the verge of giving up in the face of a disease, but then seeing a light in the tunnel, starting to enjoy the little things and be in the now, understanding that the worst case scenario is never that bad and reminding themselves that survival is our most basic instinct and something we’re actually good at.

Or be it in examples of history, when a war seemed almost impossible to win, when the enemy’s army outnumbered the other side, but there was a leader who brought back the hope in the brave hearts of his soldiers, and that became a stronger force than all the weapons of the opponent.

Be it Nelson Mandela who believed so strong in a cause that no one else considered possible at the time, whose will wasn’t destroyed by staying in a prison for 27 years although wanting nothing more but peace for his nation. And he managed to free his people by changing the inequality in South Africa and ending discrimination.

Keeping hope alive is often the foundation of people’s massive success in life.

J.K Rowling had to overcome rejection from tens of publishers, before finding someone who believed in the story of Harry Potter. If it wasn’t for her perseverance, that story wouldn’t have inspired generations ahead.

Charles Darwin needed to keep his vision alive of how his work would change the world, as The Origin of Species took almost inhumane amounts of time and effort to be created. But he educated people in a way that no one dared before, he dedicated his life to opening our eyes for where we came from.

An example I love is Thomas Edison. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t have most of the things you use in your daily life today. But among his 1093 patents for inventions, the light bulb was a result of refusing to give up and trying again after failure THOUSANDS of times. That’s insane. But that’s how some of the greatest people in the world are referred to – as crazy. Obviously, insanity goes together with revolution, with life-changing inventions and the most popular artwork we admire to this day.


But what’s the similarity between all these examples?

That we all have what it takes to achieve anything possible, even the impossible is a matter of trying enough times.

Willpower, a definite desire, a strong vision, determination, an ideal, goals, perseverance, belief, hope – all these are within us, and it’s up to us to unleash it when we need it.

We’re powerful beyond imagination, examples are everywhere around you. Just look around.

knowing your 2 true missions in life

It’s possible that you’re surrounded by mediocre people, whose life is pretty easy and who avoid change, and maybe you’re keeping yourself busy throughout the day doing chores and tasks.

I believe you’re born for greater things. And for a start, you’ll have to get out there and renew your hope in people’s potential and destiny.

See millions of women fighting cancer daily, think about all the people who moved on after losing someone or being broken inside, and who found the will to live a happier life again.

God! I can’t even grasp the number of wonderful examples of strength and hope in people’s mind and soul. You have the same.

Keeping hope alive can become a habit. You should always be sure that the universe is working with you not against you, that better things are coming your way, that nothing is as bad as it seems, that if so many people have overcome this same problem you have, so can you.

Saying it is easy, understanding it with every cell of your body is harder, practicing hope is the hardest.

Start by finding inspiration again. Look for the beauty of life around you. Here are some sources of inspiration, and here’s how to be constantly inspired.

How to Stay Strong and Even Be Positive in a Tough Situation?

My mother just had a surgery to see if it’s cancer. I went to visit her. It’s in another city so me and my dad are traveling back and forth so that we can be there most of the time but still keep other things under control.

My mother is the strongest person I’ve ever had the chance to meet, but it’s the first time I’m seeing her in a state like that.

Even the thought of her being gone or something like that is terrifying, and an unfamiliar and uncomfortable picture in my head. But I gathered all my positivity and hope, and decided to be the realistic one in this situation, putting others in a good mood, and keeping hope alive.

It worked just fine.

I went to the room to see her after the operation, stayed there for more than an hour and was smiling, listening and acting absolutely normal. That’s the kind of mood that was needed in the room anyways.

I know how she feels about me looking at her with sadness or desperation, crying or else. Plus, it’s absolutely pointless. So why not smile, enjoy her company and take wise decisions the moment something needs to be decided?

That’s what I did.

Here are some practical things in a situation like that:

  • Never play scenarios in your head before you know the results after having asked no other but the chief physician himself (that’s what I just did, turned out things are alright and she’ll need basic treatment);
  • Make plans according to what changes, be prepared, be helpful (at any moment I should be able to go back home, or to stay here for longer, to do tasks for my mum that she can’t handle when in the hospital, etc.). What’s more, all that distracts you from thinking about the sad part of all this, or getting depressed, or feeling sorry for her;
  • Act normal – there’s enough of everything else in a hospital already, so act like you do at any other place. Treat people well, don’t depress them with a sad look on your face;
  • Think rationally – don’t make plans for too far ahead as things don’t depend on you in such a situation, keep a few doors open, wait till something’s sure to decide on a next step;
  • Accept what is – don’t refer to anything related to the past now, no need for that. Don’t wish for things to be different, that’s the least a person in a hospital needs. Don’t be in denial, it’s childish. Be positive when you can and look forward to hearing good news. When it’s not the best news, and if preferably you’ve talked to the doctor yourself first, tell it to your loved one with the  most normal intonation possible;
  • Be the light in their day – seriously, keep that smile on your face and cry when you’re alone. Don’t bother others with your existing problems or daily worries, these aren’t a priority right now.

The thing is, by doing all that, you can literally save someone’s life. Depression in the form of giving up is self-destructive, don’t let it get to you or to others.

The best way is to be a role model, to be positive yourself instead of just telling others to keep it cool.

Keeping hope alive is a wonderful way to live life. Not only are you helping others, but you’re guaranteeing a happier and more fulfilling life for yourself.

After all, when there’s nothing you can do, or when you’re waiting for news and next steps about something, it’s much better and more practical to be an optimist and just keep living your life, instead of being negative and spending these precious moments being anxious and stressed out.

Hope is contagious too! The more you practice it, the more you’ll find it everywhere around you, and the more others will believe in the good.

So the next time you find yourself in a dark place, look for the light. It’s there.

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I got lucky. I was still working when I got my business off the ground, so I had a source of income while I was working the kinks out of my business. I did most of my work for the new business when I got home or on the weekends. I asked for a change in job responsibilities at the office so that I didn’t have as much on my plate.

This all gave me a chance to start earning money without going into debt. When it was feasible, I stopped working my regular job and transitioned into working for myself full time. It took about a year and a half.

Establish clear boundaries.


Sometimes people don’t take you seriously when you tell them that you work for yourself. They think you are always available to chat or have lunch.

I had a number of friends that would call me at all hours, assuming I was available because they wanted to talk. Granted, it was nice to have that freedom at first. But, I soon realized that if I was going to be successful, I couldn’t let those kinds of distractions interrupt my workday.

Save before you start working for yourself full time.

I was in pretty good shape when I made the transition, but looking back, a few more months with a paycheck would have been wonderful.

When you start your own business, money can be very tight. You never know what you are going to make month to month.

I had one customer that initially made up most of my revenue. That customer only paid on a quarterly basis, which meant that times were tough in between payments.

I had to spend money to build the business, which meant there wasn’t a lot left over. If I didn’t get a payment right on time, it was very difficult to deal with.

There were times when I had to ask for a loan from family members simply to pay my bills.

Reach out and build a support network.

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It can be really difficult to adjust at first. You have great days and you have terrible days. You meet goals some months, while other months you are left wondering where you went wrong.

If you make a mistake, you alone are responsible for it and your business and reputation can suffer. It is easy to feel depressed at times. You may even start to feel like you can’t handle running a business and that you made a big mistake when you left your office job.

Remember that you are not alone. All entrepreneurs have these moments, which is why it is so important to connect with others in the field.

Take time for yourself.

I had a honeymoon period of about half a year. It was really exciting to see the business get bigger. Each milestone that I met was a reason to celebrate.

However, heading into the second year, it was more difficult. I was tired. Things weren’t as exciting because they weren’t new anymore. And then, year three came along. I was done with working such long hours.

I was done with having no time off. Burnout is certainly an issue in this business, so you have to figure out how to balance your personal and your professional needs.

It took me a long time to get where I am today. I had to do a lot of research. I had to educate myself on business. I had to find an SEO expert. I had to figure out who my main competitors were and keep an eye on them. I also had to stay current with what was happening in the field so that I didn’t fall behind.

No matter how hard I worked, it seemed like I could never get caught up. Running a business is a big responsibility.

If you are interested in starting your own business, you want to set yourself up for success. Try to cut back on your living expenses. Make sure you have substantial savings. Set up an area in your home where you can work, free from distractions.

If you are married, get your spouse on board. He or she can help pay bills while you are getting your business off the ground.

Your business is only as good as you are.

Make sure you have a support system of other business professionals. These people can help you acknowledge your weaknesses, encourage you to keep moving forward and advise you on common mistakes.

You can try and go it alone, but it will be very difficult for you. As with anything else in life, your support network has a lot to do with your success. You are probably strongly invested in your business; after all, it is something that you created. Make sure you have people that you trust to help you along the way.


Grace Lee has been practicing in the field of digital marketing for several years now. She has already brought numerous sites in search engines’ first pages in search results. In her spare time, she loves listening to podcasts about Google algorithm updates and other matters related to SEO.