LRS 031: How to Take Control of Your Life

How to Take Control of Your Life - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

Welcome to the 31st episode of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast. Today the topic will be how to better manage and take control of your life. Definitely something we’re all after.

Life management doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, it can feel like one big game.

How you manage your life is how you manage your time, money, weight, relationships, work-life balance, and more.

It’s all connected. Learning what works best for you in one area can immediately be implemented into many other things you’re trying to achieve or improve about yourself.

And just like you get better by practicing and making mistakes in anything, you can master life management. Check out today’s episode of the show to see how to take control of your life.

Show Notes:

  • Why taking control of your habits is crucial to managing every other area of your life [1:00]
  • The 5 steps to changing any behavior [2:42]
  • Why failure is actually a good thing [5:42]
  • Life’s way of making us learn and grow and how to be open to new lessons [6:38]
  • What does it mean to hack productivity [9:24]
  • Why we’re all students of life [10:06]
  • What makes me admire strategists [11:44]
  • 5 steps to being strategic so that you can improve in many ways and take control of your life once and for all [13:33]


Action Steps on How to Take Control of Your Life:

  1. Do your research on habit forming and breaking to understand the importance and power of habits.
  2. Analyze what you do daily for a few days.
  3. Do something about the unproductive activities, make changes in the way you do things and their order on your list, make adjustments over time when you see what works.
  4. Plan out your day the night before.
  5. Keep in mind temptations and distractions and do something to remove them.
  6. Have a fixed time for everything.
  7. Learn from every failure.
  8. Study the lives of successful people and learn from their mistakes.
  9. When something bad happens in life, try to find the lesson and meaning in it and focus on the positives in your life.
  10. Develop the right productivity habits.
  11. Break the lazy ones that make you procrastinate.
  12. Be a student of life and rely on self-education.
  13. Try different tactics to see what works for you, and do more of it.
  14. When you stop seeing progress, make a change and try something you haven’t tried before.
  15. Keep track of any area of your life you want to improve.
  16. Fix your sleep.
  17. Slowly change your eating habits and start working out to control your health, and thus your life.

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What about you? How do you take control of your life?

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