LRS 032: How to Reach Your Goals Sooner

how to reach your goals sooner - the let's reach success podcast

Today I’ll talk about the importance of having clear objectives in life so that we can always be moving in the right direction. Truth is, you can reach your goals much sooner and stay motivated throughout the journey, it’s just that we tend to make some mistakes and not to set these goals in the most effective way.

In the first part of the show today I’ll discuss goal optimization, or how to make the goal setting process more successful and do it right this time.

Then, I’ll move onto saying what you can do differently this year to actually achieve your goals in a shorter time.

Show Notes:

  • Why focus on just one goal? [1:42]
  • A few things to get clear about before you set your goals [2:30]
  • A simple way to make your journey easier [3:19]
  • Ways to be constantly motivated [4:18]
  • How some of the people around you ruin your chances for success [6:00]
  • How to deal with the past [7:17]
  • The importance of always being on the grow [8:11]
  • How to be ruthless with your dreams to reach your goals sooner [9:21]


Action Steps on How to Reach Your Goals:

  1. Focus on just 1 goal for a start.
  2. Ask yourself if you truly want it.
  3. Chunk it down into smaller, more manageable actions that take no time and effort.
  4. Think of ways to find short-term motivation.
  5. Identify the toxic people in your surroundings and do something to eliminate them or spend as little time as possible with them.
  6. Describe your ideal lifestyle.
  7. Don’t live in the past anymore, let it go.
  8. Stop doing anything unproductive.
  9. Always look for new things to learn.
  10. Begin waking up earlier.
  11. Don’t let others talk you out of your dreams.

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What about you? How do you reach your goals in life? What smarter ways do you have to hack the process?

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