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Productivity is closely related to success in every area of our lives.

We’re all after the right techniques, strategies and resources that can help us double our results, perform better and do it faster at the same time. And that’s absolutely possible.

Productivity, time management, personal organization – these are skills you’re developing at every stage of your life and you can always take it to the next level if you’re determined to achieve more and learn new things.

The main difference in those who succeed at becoming more productive, is that they’re constantly looking for a new approach to try, learn from the masters in the niche, listen to advice from others, are open to new techniques even if they sound too simple or too complex. The desire to try and do things differently is what makes you stand out.

So if you’re reading articles on productivity anyways, or are looking for a few new ones to check out, here are some that are worth your attention:

1. Have More Time by Answering These 12 Questions

The power of self-analysis is underrated. But often, there’s no better way to get awesome results and see ourselves more productive and successful, than to ask ourselves a few specific questions about what we do and how it can be improved, and to try to answer these as honestly as we can.

Also, it’s important to do it repeatedly, not just once. We change and grow all the time, so our way of thinking transforms too.

In this article on productivity and time management you’ll find 12 practical questions to ask yourself daily to exceed in life, assess your current situation, and – ultimately – make the necessary changes to see progress sooner.

2. Get Things Done from The Moment You Wake Up with The Right Morning Routine

It’s easier to build momentum and make sure you’ll hustle all day if you begin it right. In this case, a powerful morning ritual including the right activities can set you up for success.

Kickstart your day with the right morning habits, and you’ll have the energy, mindset and motivation to keep going till the evening.

3. How to Plan Your Ideal Day

I consider Taylor Pearson one of the smartest people I read online, one who’s constantly on the grow, experimenting with personal excellence, learning from the successful people in history, testing things to see what gives him best results, and optimizing his performance and behavior every single day.

That’s why he always comes up with super practical articles on productivity and how to do your work better.

In this post, he talks about finding the work only we can do, and moves on to exploring how we can do it more effectively. You can also see how his day goes, together with his exact morning ritual, daily habits, best practices, evening review, etc.

I suggest you take notes and then implement some of the things he discusses into how you do your work. You may find that planning out your day down to the last detail, and defining how a successful day looks like for you, is what you needed to maximize efficiency and double your results.

4. The Benefits of Daily Tracking

Start tracking everything you do, review the data you collect and brainstorm ideas on how to improve things, and your life will change forever.

In this post I discuss why tracking matters, how to do it properly, give examples of how some highly successful and productive individuals are doing it, and mention what areas of my life I’m tracking.

Writing things down and then going back to them to see the big picture and find our what needs to be eliminated, for example, can save you so much time in the future. Check out the article and start tracking things right away.

5. My Most Important Productivity Method

That’s an article on productivity from Leo over at ZenHabits. In it, he shares the simple steps to becoming more productive.

He considers fear one of the main reasons why we don’t get things done and gives practical tips on how to deal with it so that we can take action without overthinking.

6. The Power of Prioritizing

There’s too much to be done, but our time is limited. What do we do then?

We just choose what’s essential and do it first. That’s prioritizing and it’s how we can get closer to our goals sooner and be happy with our results.

In this blog post I give a simple step-by-step plan on how to prioritize, and list the areas in life that can be considered our priorities.

7. The Mistakes That Sabotage Our Productivity

It’s important to stop doing the things that make you less productive, before you move onto adding new habits and practices to get things done faster.

Here I’ve written about 6 things we do – often daily – that ruin our productivity, and what to do about each.

8. Practical Ways to Save Time by Doing Less

Who wouldn’t want to do less, save time but be even more productive at the same time?

Well, that’s what happens when you do things the smart way. Not all the tasks on your to-do list are necessary, not all the activities you do daily matter, and doing more usually leads to poor performance and wasting precious time.

Check out this productivity article to find out 9 ways to do less but get more in return.

These 8 posts should be enough to get you in the mood to develop a productivity mindset, give you ideas on what new approach to try next, and reveal to you some not-so-secret principles of efficiency and time management.