Human beings have a tendency to judge others. While we judge the other people, it is also ironic that we don’t want others to judge us or make personal comments. In spite of its negative connotation, judging others is a reality of our society, and we live with it every day.

What is even pathetic is when people get influenced by the opinions of others to the extent that it becomes their fear. It affects our self-esteem, and we tend to fear being judged by the people.

So if you are self-conscious about yourself, and you think that someone will make negative comment about you, here are 4 ways you can save yourself from being judged:

1. Don’t Pay Heed to Others’ Opinions.

The feeling of being judged can be an embarrassing thing to deal with. It hurts when you think that you are constantly under the scrutiny of people. However, an independent life is about changing you to please the others; it is about living life on your terms.

People might have their own opinions about you. But they should not be the one to change you as a person. If you love what you are, you should not bother how people want to see you. It’s your life, and you should be the only one to judge yourself.

2. Differentiate Between Judgment and Ignorance.

Everyone who judges you don’t necessarily knows you well enough to make a comment. I call it ignorance and not judgment, and there is a huge difference between the two. In my own case, I learn that people’s judgment is mostly based on ignorance.

The last time someone judged me was for the dissertation paper that I bought from dissertation corp. It was only meant to give me a reference for my research work.

When one of my classmates learnt about it, he was quick to call it a cheating without knowing the purpose of the paper. When I explained him the whole story, he was sorry for his words. The morale of the story:

“If someone judges you, there is likelihood that he does not know you enough to make a judgment.”

3. Take the Detractors Out of Your Life.

Life is too short to dwell on the mediocre thinking of the people. If you believe yourself and accept yourself as you are, then there should be no one to judge your actions.

It should be only your opinions that should matter and not the others. Therefore, you should forget all those detractors from your life and start living your life on your own terms.

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4. Don’t Encourage People Who Are Jealous of You.

Remember that when people judge you, there is not always a reason for it. They will judge you only to hurt your self-esteem or vent out their frustration. So if you get influenced by their biased views, you are only allowing them to interfere in your life.

Rather than hurting yourself from the negative agenda of the people who are jealous of you, you should disengage with them and do not make them a party to discourage you just because they are not happy with your success.

Last Words

Judging others is a common thing in our society. However, everyone has every right to live his life on his terms. By valuing negative opinions of others, you are depriving yourself of living your life the way you want.

Remember that it is only you who chose this life and, therefore, you should not let others have a say in your life.

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This is a guest post by Rachelle Scott – a writer, blogger, social media marketing and trend analyst.