Wondering how to get a better sleep? It doesn’t need to be a hard task.

Too many people have sleeping problems and never take a look at the things they do daily, or right before bed. And that’s where the causes of bad sleep are.

So let’s see what we can do to start sleeping better today:

How to Get a Better Sleep Tonight

1. Don’t eat or drink at least an hour before bed.

You can’t go to sleep on a full stomach, but you can’t do it on an empty one either. So a light dinner in the early evening is what your body needs. And no late snacks if you’re serious about getting a good night’s sleep.

As for beverages, alcohol won’t let you fall asleep anytime soon, and too much water in the evening will wake you up a few times at night and you’re less likely to fall asleep right away after that.

Simply eliminate these before bedtime.

2. Let the evening be your wind down period.

Too much stress or emotions before going to bed can be another reason why you can’t fall asleep quickly, or you sleep bad in general and wake up tired in the morning.

The end of the day must be this peaceful time, when nothing bothers you, when you leave the mundane problems and other people’s issues behind, and just empty your mind and can get truly restful sleep.

What you shouldn’t do:

  • spend a lot of time in social media;
  • watch action or horror movies;
  • have arguments or emotional conversations with loved ones;
  • work out;
  • be in a noisy environment;
  • overthink everything that happened today;
  • worry about tomorrow.

And here’s what to do instead:

  • take a soothing bath;
  • stretch;
  • meditate;
  • journal your thoughts;
  • read something to get yourself to sleep faster;
  • practice yoga;
  • listen to soft music;
  • and anything else that helps you relax.

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3. Educate yourself.

Learn more about what causes insomnia and how you can cure it.

Be aware of how harmful devices are for your brain before you go to sleep, and how their light and noise prevent it from turning off.

Know that caffeine stays much longer in your body than you probably think. Read about the importance of sleep in general and how sleep deprivation affects your life.

Once you know all that, you’ll take that seriously and will know how to get a better sleep.

4. Analyze your time.

Over the course of a week write down everything you do daily, especially before bedtime. Track the quantity and quality of your sleep. There are useful apps that can do it for you, if you need help.

Once you have enough data, analyze all that. See which days you fell asleep faster, and when exactly you couldn’t go to sleep for a long time.

You’ll see recurring themes and will be able to make conclusions on how to get a better sleep.

You’ll understand which daily habits and practices help you get a good rest at night, and what causes insomnia. Then, you can take measures.

5. Fix your sleeping environment.

Your bedroom must be your sanctuary. Unfortunately, most people use their laptops in bed, bring food in the room, keep it cluttered, let it be too noisy and hot.

What your brain and body need to get a better sleep, however, is a sleep-friendly room, with no distractions. You must keep it cool and noise free, get a better mattress and pillow, use a sleep mask and earplugs if you have to, and keep devices away from your bed.

So that’s how to get a better sleep.

Nothing complicated, but it does require some actions and changes in your usual behavior. It’s worth it, though. Because once you start getting the rest you need, you’ll double your productivity, will improve your health and will be in a better mood and more energetic throughout the whole day.

The next time you wish you knew how to get a better sleep, simply take action upon one of the 5 tips above. You’ll see results right away.

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