LRS 037: How to Stop Suffering

How to Stop Suffering | The Let's Reach Success Podcast - Lidiya K

In episode 37 of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast I’ll talk about what unhappiness looks like, I’ll try to describe pain and analyze what causes it in daily life. I’ll then move onto offering a solution to each point I include. The goal after listening to this episode of the show is to know how to stop suffering.

It sounds like a big deal. You’re probably wondering ‘How can 15 minutes of audio content help me when there’s so much pain in the world, when there are millions of miserable people out there?’

Well, my mission is to open your eyes for what’s already in front of you. The happiness within, the abundance you live in, the magic of the present moment and the art of letting go.

So if you think there’s a chance to get a bit more happier once you change your perspective, and want to stop suffering, listen on!

By the way, everything you’ll hear now, is part of my book on letting go and being present. It’s called This Moment. There I talk about freeing yourself from any thoughts connected to the past and future, so that you can go back to this moment, and enjoy and appreciate it.

Show Notes:

  • What pain really looks like (it’s not what you think) [1:40]
  • The 14 things that make us unhappy [6:37]
  • How we create our own struggle [8:05]
  • The importance of knowing what truly matters in life [10:35]
  • Why you don’t need goals and plans and how to live without them [11:25]
  • The solution to all the things that cause suffering [14:28]


Action Steps on How to Stop Suffering:

  1. Try to see pain from another perspective. Realize that you are the one to blame about your suffering.
  2. Stop creating ideals.
  3. Want to be right here, right now.
  4. Let go of the constant struggle by not putting too much pressure into the things you do daily, not trying to interfere in the natural flow.
  5. Seek happiness within, not in external sources.
  6. Let go of the past.
  7. Accept instead of trying to change what can’t be changed.
  8. Stop comparing.
  9. Know that what’s most important is right in front of you right now – the people around you, the thing you’re doing, the place you’re at and the thoughts and feelings you have.
  10. Don’t take things too personally and stop playing the role of a victim.
  11. Leave behind any thoughts connected to the future.
  12. Don’t depend on goals and plans too much.
  13. Stop expecting anything from others and yourself.
  14. See this moment and anything happening right now as perfect and you won’t need to change anything anymore.

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So, how can you stop suffering once and for all?

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