Is It Time to Make a Career Change?

Is It Time to Make a Career Change? -

Even if you’re considered successful in what you do and are in a profitable market, that may still not be the right career for you.

There’s more to it than just the money.

There’s also the satisfaction, the attitude towards you, the atmosphere at work, the benefits you get, the opportunities that come your way, whether or not you love what you do and are having fun doing it, having a chance to exceed by working harder, etc.

Here are some signs that it’s time for you to make a career change and follow another path:

1. You’re too stressed out.

If your job leads to burnout, you’re better off exploring other options.

Maybe you’re just not meant to be doing this. Even if the work itself is not stressful, you may be overwhelmed and anxious the moment you step in the office.

If new clients and projects bring you too much pressure, if you can’t stop thinking about work when you’re at home, and even have a hard time getting yourself to sleep, then your career is ruining your health.

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2. You didn’t really choose that career.

Maybe you’ve been following conventional wisdom so far, listened to what others were saying and did what was expected from you. In this case, you became a doctor because your parents and grandparents are in that field and you didn’t even allow yourself to dream about something else, or you didn’t really know what to do after high school, went to university and got a business degree, and then started working for the first company that seemed like a good choice.

But the dissatisfaction never goes away. You just become more and more miserable if you’re doing a job you don’t like. What’s more, you start hating it over time, you start blaming your relatives for making you take it, etc.

But what kind of a lifestyle is it if you’re a lawyer when you’re much more interested in finance and is where your efforts and time are better invested?

Go check out the banking jobs in the area. That’s the very first step to the biggest transformation in your life.

3. You’re not passionate about what you do.

There may have been some passion and you may have found some meaning in your career in the beginning, but not anymore.

Listen to such signs. It won’t get any better if you’re bored and exhausted by it now.

There’s something you can work that will excite you, that will give you a reason to wake up every day and hustle, that will be your biggest challenge and which will make you feel alive. Find it and make the necessary career change.

4. You can’t stop dreaming about something else.

If you think about something else every day, it’s worth pursuing it.

If you’re constantly imagining yourself in another field, following the trends there, talking with people about it, doing your research, daydreaming about it, etc. – then you’ve got a serious interest in it and it’s worth giving it a try.

5. You’re not given what you deserve.

It’s possible that your current career doesn’t give you the opportunities you deserve to exceed.

You may be in it only for the money, but at some point you’ll want more of it, and you may not be given the chance to receive a promotion. Even if you’re a hard worker, have built a name for yourself and are looking to make something bigger out of this, you’re limited by the market itself, the people in your firm, the fact that what you do isn’t your true passion and it doesn’t come naturally to you (so you need to work twice as hard to see any progress).

But if you think about a career change, you’ll enter a new world of opportunities. Your talents will finally be rewarded. There you’ll be able to improve your personal brand, start a business on your own eventually, and live the ideal lifestyle doing what you love.

So, is it time for a career change?

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