LRS 038: How to Make a Living from Your Passion

LRS 038: How to Make a Living from Your Passion | The Let's Reach Success Podcast

I just published a new book on one of my most favorite topics in the whole world – doing what you love.

It’s not just about defining and following your passion, though, but about the whole journey to monetizing it and turning it into your career, which lets you contribute to the world, and never have to work again actually, as if you’re passionate about something, it can never be considered work.

In today’s episode of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast, I’ll share some of the inspiration and advice you can find inside it on how to find out what you love doing the most out of so many things we do daily, and how to start getting paid to do it.

Show Notes:

  • How finding your passion looks like and how my journey started [1:17]
  • An example of someone who isn’t doing what she loves and what are the consequences of that [3:14]
  • The actual benefits of doing what you’re passionate about [4:59]
  • What you need to be massively successful [6:26]
  • 6 steps to making a career out of the 1 thing you were born to do [8:55]
  • The 3 elements of working your dream job [11:35]


Action Steps on How to Make a Living from Your Passion:

  1. Identify what you love doing the most.
  2. Know the benefits of following your passion.
  3. Get clear about your purpose.
  4. Find the right audience.
  5. Prioritize – do only stuff connected to your passion.
  6. Start offering value.
  7. Go beyond average by combining your strengths and passion and picking only great ideas.
  8. Connect with influencers.
  9. Find a way to help others by doing what you love.

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