LRS 039: Why Focus on Building Habits Instead of Setting Goals

Why Focus on Building Habits Instead of Setting Goals - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 39 of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast.

Today I’ll discuss 2 major components of personal growth – habits and goals, and – more importantly – which one we should focus on and why.

Many people think goals are the key to success, but I’ll now share why that isn’t always true.

Show Notes:

  • What’s the pillar of personal growth [0:50]
  • 4 reasons why habits are crucial for success [2:11]
  • Why habits make sense and goals don’t [4:11]
  • The big picture of how our habits affect our whole life [6:50]
  • What we do wrong when it comes down to goals [7:56]
  • An example of how building 1 keystone habit can make us successful in all other areas of life too [8:29]
  • Some tips on how to start a new behavior and stick to it [9:57]


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