Debunking The Myth of Productivity Limits

Debunking The Myth of Productivity Limits

Being productive is one of the main goals of those who want to improve themselves and their life. Progress in any kind is a result of getting things done, taking actions, doing more, and thus achieving more.

But what prevents us from taking our current productivity level further is that we think it’s got limits. When in fact we just haven’t tried harder.

It’s the same with human endurance – people don’t really know how much they’re capable of physically, before they are put in a situation that requires them to go for an extended period of time without food or else, for instance.

It’s no different with productivity. But we insist on not trying to do things faster, better and for longer because we don’t even assume it’s possible.

So the myth of productivity limits consists of these elements:

– not even trying to achieve more results and accepting our current level as the end result;

– not doing more of what works;

– thinking we’re being realistic, when in fact we just don’t dare to dream bigger.

Here are some examples:

I never really knew I could produce so much content for my blog before I actually decided to do it. Before that I believed in writer’s block, waited for inspiration, put too much pressure into creating the best posts.

But now I can write effortlessly for hours daily. It’s a habit, discipline, an exercise, a hobby, a therapy, what I know I should be doing and what feels right. And has nothing to do with all the excuses above.

Many people admire successful individuals who get up at 4 or 5, have a powerful morning routine and then spend their whole day hustling to get closer to their goals.

But the truth is that they don’t even try to do that. They may keep reading about such people, following them online and complaining about not being like them, but they don’t set their alarm for 5 and get out of bed.

They don’t have the mindset of a person that’s changing and improving daily. And that stops them from taking action.

I’ve read many stories of people who were once couch potatoes that tried to get up early and go jogging a few times a year. It never really worked, though.

But they got to know themselves, analyzed the limitations they had set to themselves, decided to change, made small changes in their lifestyle, and then some more.

And now, years later, they run marathons just for fun.

It’s a result of gradual improvement, and a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and discipline. But the difference between this new version of themselves and who they were back then is mind-blowing.

And all that is possible because after each little achievement on the way, they believed that if they could do that, they can do much more.

That’s how things work. You do something, believe in yourself, expand your horizons, and try to do more of it. And soon you see big changes going on in your life.

What you need to do right now is forget about the myth that productivity has limits and go after what you want.

What do you think about that? When are you most productive? And do you set limits to yourself?

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