How Can Visual Features Help You Sell Products

How Can Visual Features Help You Sell Products

This is a guest post by Diana Smith – a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a part time blogger interested in articles related to marketing and latest business technology.

Your visual identity paves the way for other forms of marketing. Whether you need a logo, or you plan to print out leaflets, or even if you want to enhance your marketing strategy online, visual features are those which can directly influence your sale.

Competition is fierce. You need a visual identity, which stands out from the rest. Here is the list of advertising tricks you can utilize in your marketing campaign.


Even though consumer responses are largely dependent on personal experiences, studies in color psychology did discover that color plays a crucial role in branding and purchases. About 62-90% of the assessment of the initial interaction with either people, or products is based on colors alone.

There is no clear-cut guideline to using colors in marketing. For example, green is sometimes used for branding environmental issues, while it can brand financial spaces, too. What is important is to first set the mood and feeling of your brand and then choose the color palette.


Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics to animals and non-living objects. It is a powerful advertising tool, which makes consumers relate to the product.

Remember the Pixars’s short film with the lamp and the ball, or the Jean Paul Gaultier’s perfume bottles shaped in the form of man and woman.

Off course, not all brands can benefit from anthropomorphism. However, if you feel that your brand can relate to consumers in this way, you should try it. Making a spokesperson with human characteristics you can use in your content marketing and on social media is a good start.

Do not limit yourself to photographs only.

Photographs are not the only visual aids you can have at your disposal. The popularity of infographics is increasing day by day. They allow you to present information in the form of charts, graphs and illustrations.

The information presented visually catches attention of the consumers quickly than a text.

Build a visual narrative with images.

Creating a visual narrative your consumers can personally relate to makes your brand more attainable. For example, you create a context for your brand by posting images of the two people hugging, or dancing. However, choose only the images which are appropriate for your target audience.

Place products so that you can encourage mental interaction.

For example, the research proved that participants are more likely to purchase the mug if the handle was facing right. If you are right-handed and you see the picture of this mug, you mentally interact with the product.

Another tactic you can do is to place utensils on the right, depict the opening of your product towards the viewer and remove the product from the packaging.

Place print ads on left pages.

Since we associate small numbers with the left and bottom and larger numbers with the right and top (as can be seen in any chart), placing a product on left pages will lower its price. According to a study, participants were shown two lamps. When they were about to estimate the price of the lamps, they chose higher prices for the lamps on the right.

Place images and graphics on the left.

If you are making an ad, place images and graphics on the left, while limit the text to the right side of the page. A stimulus presented on the right is processed by the left hemisphere and vice versa. Since the right hemisphere better process visual stimuli, you should place the image on the left.

Making your visual aids is as important as the quality of the print. Do not underestimate good printing services as they are the ones which will make your product prominent in this ever-competing world.

These psychological tricks can help you immensely with your marketing strategy. Include visual features in your ads and branding, but choose them wisely.

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