5 Fitness Goals to Set This Year to Get in Awesome Shape

5 Fitness Goals to Set This Year to Get in Awesome Shape

If you promised yourself 2018 was the year to get fit, then why not set some definitive fitness goals to help you get into the awesome shape you have been dreaming about? Rather than just set weight loss goals, try setting targets for new fitness challenges to make the hard work more fun.

Why not combine learning a fun new physical activity with your overall fitness goals to help keep you motivated and help you get to your target?

Here are the top five recommended fitness goals for this year

1. Sign up for a race.

Completing your first race, whether it’s a 5k or a marathon, will give you a really great sense of accomplishment and the training required in the lead up to it will help get you into good shape.

Whether you have never run before, or are a seasoned runner, preparing for a race requires regular training and discipline to prepare your body before you take part.

Set up a training programme and stick with it. For even more motivation, why not sign up for a charity-based race and raise money to run – that way it’s not just about you and your fitness but about helping a good cause at the same time.

2. Learn to dance.

To keep up with a new fitness routine you need to enjoy it and find it fun so why not challenge yourself to take up a new dance routine.

It’s a great cardio workout and perfect for stamina build-up and coordination improvement as well. Dancing can also be a fun sociable way to keep fit if you get bored walking on the treadmill at the gym.

There are many different types of dance to try so do some research to find out which style might suit you best and if you are competitive then why not aim to master a particular dance step and maybe even enter a competition.

3. Become a push-up master.

Push-ups are a fundamental fitness move, working out the muscles in the shoulders, thighs and the body core so why not set yourself the challenge to become a master of this fitness move.

You can progress to harder and harder versions of the move, or perhaps increase the number of push-ups you can carry out in one session. Make sure you carry out push-ups in the right way to avoid injury so it’s worth working out with a personal trainer to help you master the technique, before you take them to the next level.

4. Become a yoga guru.

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Yoga stretches and strengthens all areas of the body so why not set yourself the challenge to work up to some advanced moves including the crow pose.

It will take practice to reach an advanced level which means your body is getting a great workout while you aim to reach your target. You can also try different types of yoga to work out which suits you best.

There are many yoga classes, DVDS or groups to join where you can learn a whole variety of yoga techniques.

5. Master handstands

Balancing upside down requires some serious core strength along with strong muscles in your arms, back and shoulders so if you are aiming to increase fitness in those areas then why not challenge yourself to spend some time on your hands rather than your feet. It gives your legs a rest while increasing circulation in your upper body as well.

Fitness goals shouldn’t be limited to one area, such as losing pounds.

You need to include targets which will help to keep you motivated, and help you to enjoy your exercise routine, after all, if you start to find it boring or routine, then you are far less likely to keep it up.

Setting yourself fitness challenges, as well as the more traditional targets such as weight loss and muscle-gain, will help to add variety to your workout routine and enable you to challenge different areas of your body. If you have never danced before, you will no doubt find yourself using very different muscle groups to when you go to the gym, for example.

The sense of achievement once you finish a race, or master that dance step, will also provide great satisfaction, above and beyond just losing a few pounds or trimming a few inches off your waist.

Fitness goals like those described above can also help to challenge you mentally, create fun and motivation, and help to make your fitness routine more social and interactive.

The more fun and engaging we can make our fitness routine, the more likely we are to stick to it and to achieve our overall goals. If none of the five goals outlined appeals to you then why not set up your own personal fitness goal – the sky’s the limit!

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