How to Add Captions to a Photo or Screenshot

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Overlaying text onto a photo as captions is often used to give the photo some context or create posters. Or sometimes for other creative purposes such as adding speech bubbles.

There are a number of ways to add captions to photos or screenshots. The main difference between them is the amount of control you end up having over the appearance of the captions.

An Easy Way to Add Captions to Your Photos

Assuming you’d like to be able to add captions to a photo or screenshot and control how it looks, then Movavi Photo Editor would be a good option. Not only will it let you fully customize the captions that you add, but it will actually make it relatively simple to do so.

In fact, you can learn how to add text to photo right here and now.

add captions to a photo or screenshot and control how it looks, then Movavi Photo Editor would be a good option

To start, just launch Movavi Photo Editor and click on the ‘Browse for Images’ button so that you can select the photo you want to edit. Once it is added, click on the ‘Text’ tab in the upper part of the interface to open up that panel.

On the right you should see the ‘Text’ panel and an ‘Add Text’ button near the top that you can click on to start adding text. A frame of white dashed lines will appear on your image, and you can type out the text that you want to add within them.

Customizing The Text

To start adjusting the appearance of the text that you added, just use the controls in the ‘Text’ panel itself. As you go through them you’ll see that Movavi Photo Editor supplies you with countless options.

You can adjust the characters’ font style, color, size, justification transparency degree, as well as the outline width and color. Additionally you will also have options that let you adjust the background of the caption – including its color, frame width, and so on.

Aside from adjusting the parameters of the caption, Movavi Photo Editor has some nice decorations that you can use as well. To add them just click on the ‘Add Decorations’ button and select the one that you’d like to apply.

Keep in mind that you can add as many text elements to your photo as you like in Movavi Photo Editor. And customize each according to your needs.

When you’re satisfied, click ‘Save’ to save the image in any popular format. Before that be sure to try out the other features that are available. Use them to remove unwanted objects, improve the image quality, apply filters, and so on.

Movavi Photo Editor has everything you need to create unique captions for your photos or screenshots.

With a little bit of creativity on your part, you will be able to come up with some really cool-looking captions that really accentuate your images. You can use these for your blog, any project related to your online business, or creating beautiful Instagram images for your personal brand.

Add to that the numerous other features that are available, and you should be able to really transform your image to match any vision that you have in mind.

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