Tool of The Week: How to Use Alexa to Check Website Rankings [Video Review]

Tool of The Week: How to Use Alexa to Check Website Rankings [Video Review]

Today I wanna share with you a tool that will help you monitor your website’s rankings, and also check out how popular the sites of your competitors are. That can happen by using Alexa.

Alexa is an American company providing web traffic data and analytics. Amazon owns it and it shares global rankings for around 30 million websites.

Number 1 is always Google, as it’s simply the most visited site online.

After that it’s platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and more.

Let’s see how it works.

How Alexa Works [Video Review]

In this short video I show you how to quickly check a site’s traffic data and analytics.

Using Alexa to Monitor Your Website

Simply head to and type your url.

I do check that for Let’s Reach Success once a month or so. Keep in mind that the numbers there are constantly changing, depending on many outer factors.

So, the first way to use Alexa is to monitor your own website.

It shows you the Global Rank, and the rank in the US.

Below you can see where your visitors are located. In my case, that’s US, India, United Kingdom, and Philippines. There’s also percentage and rank in the country.

To see how engaged your visitors are, you are shown 3 key metrics:

  • Bounce Rate;
  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor;
  • Daily Time on Site.

Then it’s the top keywords you rank for, 5 top sites linking to yours, and 5 similar domains.

At the bottom, you can learn a bit about your audience. Alexa shows you whether it’s mainly males or females, what their education is, and if they’re mainly browsing from home, work or school.

All that is free. With the paid version of course, you’ll be given much more information about the demographics, and all other points.

Checking Competitors’ Ranking with Alexa

You can also use to see how popular the site of your competitor is, what keywords they rank for, what backlinks they have and what their traffic’s like.

In the video review above, I do that with Forbes, as it’s one of the most popular sites in the finance niche. Its metrics look pretty good.

So that’s how in a few seconds you can check a website’s traffic and rankings with Alexa.

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