Alternative Platforms to Market Content Other Than Social Media

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At some point in time, social media evolved into the end all-be all for online marketing. If you weren’t focusing your efforts on Facebook or Twitter, your business might as well be stuck in the 1800’s. But what if the collective knowledge for modern day marketing is wrong?

What if there are other ways to market your products online that don’t involve likes or shares?

It may very well be the case that while everyone is solely focused on putting all their marketing money into social media, that platform may be saturated, and the competition is getting fiercer by the day.

Below we discuss two alternative platforms where you can market your content.


You ever wished you could have come in on Facebook or Twitter at the beginning when the competitor field looked bare and open? Who would consider you could get all the traffic you ever dreamed of by only spending a few pennies?

Well, that is the case with podcasts currently.

Podcasting is vast, and it is just getting bigger.

Since everyone has a smartphone and access to podcasts, then it makes perfect sense that people are turning to this source of entertainment while they are stuck in traffic or working out.

What this means for you is a tremendous opportunity to give your content the exposure it needs. Whatever your content is, it can be described or talked about, which means it has a place in podcasting.

Create a Course

There are tons of sites like Udemy that allow you to create a class and sell it on their platform.

Granted, this might not be ideal for all content out there, but if it is in any way possible to create a class around your content, do it. The reason is relatively simple: Authority.

When you gain an audience that has signed up to learn from you, then you have become an expert in your field. They will become much more open to what you say since you are the person that speaks with authority on this topic.

If you can leverage this platform, then you can gain a substantial following that will be interested in any bit of content that you produce.

The beauty of this system is that you can create a course one time and it will be available to new students in perpetuity. The one key to keep in mind is that you should always try to make your content as evergreen as possible. This means that any reference that might date the class should be avoided.


Whether your target market is health professionals or app designers, you are likely trying to find new ways for your content to reach new ears.

By opting to explore alternate opportunities other than social media, you will become more likely to enter new markets that could have potentially lower competition. By going against the grain, your business could win in a big way.

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