This is the second review of the series of coffices in Amsterdam – cool places to grab a coffee, feel like home and get things done on your laptop – that I’m writing.

It’s interesting how the more you do something, the more natural it feels. Now I get comfy, creative and productive the moment I enter such a place. Wasn’t like that the first time, of course.

One of the main reasons why I’m writing and sharing these is to inspire you, the freelancers or aspiring digital entrepreneurs, who haven’t yet given these a try, to do it.

So, here’s another great coffice where you can work remotely in the heart of Amsterdam.

Bagels & Beans, Waterlooplein

amsterdam bagels and beans, for remote workers

The first coffice I worked at was Coffeecompany, 2 minutes from this one. I found it accidentally but am glad I did so.

After I had such a pleasant time there, though, I did a quick research online and went through some list posts with more great places to do online work in this city and enjoy good wifi and even better coffee.

So Bagels & Beans is something I found in one such list, recommended by many good sites. I checked out where it was exactly and got there.

The first positive thing, that you can’t really find at all such places, is that the staff is really friendly. And I don’t say that often. They will come to check if everything’s okay a few times if you start longer, and not in the pushy way.

So that’s a bonus point, for sure.

That, of course, makes you feel like at home when you enter the coffee shop. It’s not too big, but that’s perfectly fine. You can almost always find a place to sit. Each table is cozy enough to let you focus on your work.

It’s located at Waterlooplein, and surrounded by Waterlooplein Market, which gives a unique sense of creativity and authenticity to the whole area, together with the cafe as it’s what you see from the windows.

Good coffee and wifi, no doubt about that.

Tables are close to each other but in the sweet, typical dutch way, so you’ll enjoy that.

You can come here from the central station on foot if you follow your gps as it’s pretty close. In case the weather is bad or you don’t feel like exploring the area (although I think you should), take metro 54, direction Gein, and stop at Waterlooplein (takes just 5 mins or so).

Glad this is the second Amsterdam coffice that’s perfect to work remotely I’m reviewing, as it truly deserves it. Not everyone can create such an atmosphere and make you feel good with their business and at their locale.

The last thing I’d say, although again, is that the staff is the friendliest I’ve seen so far. Even while writing this post, one of the girls came to just ask if I’m fine (not to ask if I want to order something else).

So, if you find yourself in Amsterdam and want to get some work done outside, get yourself to Bagels & Beans at Waterlooplein 2.