Amsterdam Coffice #3: Koffie Academie in Oud West

Amsterdam Coffice #3: Koffie Academie in Oud West

This is the 3rd cool café in Amsterdam that I’m visiting with my laptop, and which I’m reviewing so that other remote workers can check it out.

The first two were Coffeecompany and Bagels & Beans, both located at Waterlooplein, close enough to central station and the Dam and at one of the most famous markets in the city.

The one I’ll share with you today is in Oud West, and – in particular – on 1te Con. Huygensstraat street. Pretty nice area. Although considered part of West neighborhood, it’s filled with hotels and is a busy area as it’s in walking distance from Leidseplein, one of the top squares in Amsterdam.

In fact, just realized I’d love to live somewhere in that area. I’m now in New West, but temporarily. Just wanted to start my life in Amsterdam and found a place to stay quickly.

So, let’s talk about this coffice – Koffie Academie.

Looks like a creative space from the outside and I just needed to check it out.

Pretty pleasant atmosphere. It’s small but there aren’t tourists here or anything, so that’s alright. You’ll almost always find a place to sit.

Good coffee and wifi, as usual.

What I like about it is the interior design. There’s a bookshelf on one wall, and paintings on another. There’s a price on each, so this means the place supports art. So do I, so that’s awesome.

You can do focused work here. It’s even quieter than other coffices.

Another thing I noticed, which I don’t really do at other places like that, is that it feels safer that most coffee shops of this kind.

Meaning, I left my laptop open at the table while I was in the toilet. Saw that other people are doing this too. Usually, it’s not the best idea, and I haven’t done it so far. But here it just feels right.

In the back, there’s a bigger office-like table and everyone’s with a laptop there. So feel free to sit there if you’re looking for something that feels more like a coworking space.

One of the most important aspects when choosing a coffice to do some remote work, is to know you’ll feel good the moment you enter, comfy when you’re sat and working, and like you belong there. So these are all on point here.

I advice you to check Koffie Academie out.

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