LRS 052: What Makes The Apple Products Unique

What Makes The Apple Products Unique - The let's reach success podcast

This is episode 52 of the Let’s Reach Success podcast and today I’ll study the design and message of the Apple products and see what we can learn from them.

When we hear about good product design, one of the first images that appears in our head is that of an Apple product. It’s good looking, minimalist, super easy to use, and something we can be proud to own.

But why is it so? What’s different about the brand that creates such customer satisfaction, what makes it look and feel so good, why no other tech company has been able to replicate it, and how can we use that to our products and business?

In this episode I’ll talk about the obvious and not so obvious things behind the Apple brand and products that make them one of a kind.

I’ll focus on the life lessons of Steve Jobs’ philosophy and how the company works, and see how we can apply this to our work, or even other areas of life.

Show Notes:

  • How Apple creates a unique experience for its customers [2:22]
  • The 3 principles of modern design thinking created by one of Steve Jobs’ mentors [4:17]
  • The 1 thing that’s more important about an Apple product than the product itself [6:00]
  • Examples of Apple products for people with disabilities [6:28]
  • What you can see on Apple’s first marketing brochure [7:20]
  • Why you can never be ahead of Apple [8:02]


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What about Apple do you love the most? Which of its product design principles do you consider most important and why?

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