Wealth Creation: Daily Affirmations to Attract Money [Audiobook]

Wealth Creation: How to Attract Money

This audiobook will help you:

  • develop a money mindset;
  • become confident in your ability to get rich;
  • start attracting wealth and financial success.

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Wealth Creation: Daily Affirmations to Attract Money, Abundance and Financial Success Audiobook


The best way to attract money is to use the autosuggestion method and turn to the abilities of your subconscious mind.

Have you ever noticed that poor people usually remain poor, while the rich ones keep making money?

There’s a simple explanation for that tendency – it’s all about having the right mindset. In this case, a money mindset.

Those who don’t have the money they desire tend to blame others or life itself for not giving them enough opportunities, they think it’s unfair, they say rich people are lucky. That’s why they don’t attract money and remain poor.

Rich people, on the other hand, or even aspiring entrepreneurs and newbies in the business world, have the eagerness to learn from those who’ve already made a fortune, are ready to try stuff and learn from failure.

They put that dream of theirs before anything else, and go to bed and wake up with a goal in mind. They have a vision, they see themselves rich before they actually are, they develop the mindset of a wealthy person and start creating abundance in their life.

And that’s exactly why their vision becomes reality and why they attract money.

I believe you deserve and can have anything you put your mind to and I want to help you get there.

In this audiobook, you’ll hear 130 affirmations for money, wealth and success in business and life that will help you prepare mentally for becoming rich.


money mindset: how to attract wealth using the power of your mind - lidiya k

Together with the audiobook, you’ll get a mini eBook on how to develop a money mindset.

It’s called Money Mindset: How to Attract Wealth Using The Power of Your Mind.

Inside, you’ll learn how to form a definite desire to succeed, what to do and not to do to get rich (as some of the things we currently do daily are preventing us from being wealthy) and all the affirmations on how to attract money in one place.


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Wealth Creation: Daily Affirmations to Attract Money, Abundance and Financial Success Audiobook


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