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Top 10 AWS EC2: Tips for Beginners - let's reach success

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Amazon Web Services provides a platform to configure capacity with minimal friction, called AWS EC2.

Don’t understand what EC2 is? Don’t worry, I am here to explain and give some tips to make use of this technology.

Actually AWSEC2 stands for Amazon web services Elastic compute cloud.

AWS EC2 is a very simple technology that provides complete control over handling computing resources. One can also take AWS training to get command on this, and certification from Amazon web services for their professional carrier.

AWS EC2 will prevent you from taking much time switching to new server instances as well as booting up and down process.

Using AWS EC2 provides developers with code applications to scale examples consequently using AWS Auto scaling.

In order to avail using EC2, you must create an account in AMI (Amazon machine Image).

When you get registered with AMI, it will upload to Amazon S3 which is abbreviated as Amazon simple stage service. After these steps are taken, you will get Amazon EC2.

Amazon EC2 instance types:

Amazon EC2 will provide you with differed types of Instances where each Instance will come with Individual size based options like Storage Capacity, CPU and much more.

Amazon EC2 Benefits:

  • Elastic Web-Scale Computing
  • Flexible Cloud Hosting Services
  • Integrated
  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Completely Controlled
  • Easy to Start

Top 10 Best Tips to Start with AWS EC2

The following are the 10 best tips to accelerate your start with Amazon web service EC2.

1. Enable MFA for root user.

Root user can access every part of AWS account, after creating the account enable MFA by using an application on a smart phone (or) hardware token.

2. Create a billing account

AWS uses pay per use model for its services. If a virtual machine is to be launched (or) some GB of data is to be stored, we are charged. Therefore a billing alarm is created to alert if the billing exceeds particular limit.

3. Get familiar with identity & access management

IAM service authenticates & authorizes their request to the AWS. Through it is a fundamental part of security in cloud, it allows to restrict access to all AWS services.

4. MAKE use of the freetier

AWS offers freetier for the following for one year

Launch a critical machine for 750hrs per month

Store data up to 5GB

5. Choose a region

Though AWS operates data centres all over the world, we can choose the region according to our convenience based on availability of service, latency (which region is closest to customers), compliance and cost.

6. Enable closed trial

Whenever someone changes your cloud infrastructure, a log event is stored for security purpose

7. Learn about essential services

It offers more than 50 different services, some of them are Amazon elastic complete and Amazon virtual private cloud.

8. Install and configure the AWS command line interface

We can manage AWS services by clicking through a web interface the command line interface allows you to access Aw services from your command line

9. Aim for Automation

The biggest advantage of using AWS is that it allows automating ever part of the cloud infrastructure.

10. Consult the trusted advisor

AWS trusted advisor is used to review AWS architecture & security regularly.

Bottom Line:

Hope you got some clarity about AWS EC2 with these tips.

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