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course bundle - the master blogger bundle

The Master Blogger Bundle by Lidiya Kesarovska

You’ve heard me talk about my business mentor, James Wedmore. He’s an 8-figure CEO who continues to skyrocket his business growth, runs a team of 20, and has been teaching business owners how to make serious cash doing what they’re good at since 2016. He’s the host of one of the top business podcasts, Mind Your Business Podcast, and his signature program Business by Design is where the magic happens.

It opens its doors only once a year for 4 days, and that time is now. I joined it a few years ago and it’s been one of the main sources of information, inspiration, strategies and support in my course business.

So this year, I decided to offer an exclusive bonus for anyone who joins. 

That’s the Master Blogger Bundle, which gives you access to ALL my products for bloggers so you can actually monetize your website and turn it into a full-time venture, master content creation and build an engaged audience.

Below, you’ll find more details about both BBD and the bundle (which comes at no cost, but is worth over $1,000).

But if you already know me and trust my expertise, want free access to the Master Blogger Bundle, and are ready to learn more about Business by Design, then learn more by clicking the button below.

What is Business by Design?

Business By Design is the complete system for building and growing your online business (whether you’ll sell a digital product, a coaching program, or anything else that requires building an audience, selling and launching).

When you join, you get access to:

💎 the 6 BBD training modules — videos and exercises that transform you from the struggling employee mindset into the take-charge Digital CEO. (Value: $4,997)
💎 All of James’ Proven & Profitable PLUG & PLAY Launch Maps & Execution Guides! (Value: $2,997)
💎ALL his Marketing Templates! (Value: $1,997)
💎 BBD LIVE – a 3-day live event you get to attend (if you can)
💎 6x LIVE Group Coaching Sessions to answer your questions, clear up doubts, and keep you motivated and on track. (Value: $2,982)
💎 Plus TWO Additional Bonus Bundles! (Value: $2,994)
💎 Office Hours with Coaches
💎An engaged community of BBD members (inside a Facebook group) sharing their wins, exact launch processes and results, asking and answering questions, and just encouraging each other along the way.

Here’s what the program includes:

GET YOUR MIND RIGHT WITH THE ‘YOU BY DESIGN’ TRAINING – James will guide you through the same mindset exercises & processes he’s tested with his 7-figure mastermind students to get you clear & on track (this is where you’ll finally discover the blind spots holding you back)

NAIL YOUR PROFIT PLAN WITH THE ‘WORKING BY DESIGN’ TRAINING – You’ll master the habits & strategies of being effective, so you know where to focus your time AND energy. James will literally hand you his ENTIRE framework for operating an online business of ANY size (this is the same framework I use in my business today to go from X to X in X years)

CREATE THE RIGHT TYPE OF OFFER THAT INCREASES YOUR INCOME & IMPACT WITH THE ‘OFFER BY DESIGN’ TRAINING – This is where you’ll set up the right product path, offers &  business model that suits your needs AND the needs of your ideal customer (get this right, and you’ll avoid being overworked & underpaid, forever)

CREATE DEMAND & DESIRE WITH THE ‘YOUR SALES SYSTEM’ TRAINING – Discover the essential pieces of your sales system to help you effectively sell your offers (without relying on outdated or pushy sales techniques). James will show you the exact strategies to create demand and desire for what it is you sell (because you can’t grow a business without actually selling your products, right?!)

GROW & SCALE YOUR TEAM WITH THE ‘TEAM BY DESIGN’ TRAINING – Find out how you can work less, and instead focus on the things that will grow your business with a team. James will show you how to get the support you need regardless of your budget or stage in business (please don’t try to do  EVERYTHING on your own, okay?)

2X, 5X, OR EVEN 10X YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE ‘SCALE BY DESIGN’ TRAINING – Look at your business through a completely new “anything is possible” lens, so you can eliminate time-wasting activities that suck your energy with little to show for it (…you’ll find out how to zero in on and automate the most effective strategies in your business so you can work less & make more)

When you join James inside BBD, you’ll also access the following:

16 WEEKS OF LIVE GROUP COACHING WITH JAMES AND YOUR BBD COACHES – Go from overwhelmed, confused, & unclear to focused, unstuck & unstoppable with James and your coaches during these breakthrough group sessions. If you’re not sure how to implement BBD, or if you’re moving in the right direction, or how a particular solution applies to your business idea, we’ve got you covered.

12 LAUNCH MAPS & ENDLESS TEMPLATES – You’ll get the exact same resources & guides I’ve used myself inside my business to scale it to multiple 7 figures (this includes landing pages, sales pages, sales videos, checkout pages, email sequences, webinar templates, and more!)

MOMENTUM & COMMUNITY – Imagine how much faster you’ll grow when you’re surrounded by thousands of people who are doing the same thing every day (this is legit one of the best communities you can join as Digital CEO, which is why I highly recommend you jump in there!)

Head to the official BBD page to learn more about the program, see all the amazing testimonials, and the mind-blowing value and bonuses you get once you become a member:

And now, the BBD experience can be taken to the next level with my bonus package.

I’m not just a happy member of BBD and a student of James Wedmore’s teachings for years now, but I’m also an affiliate for the program. That means I get a commission any time someone purchases using my link, but that adds no extra cost to you.

And to thank you if you join BBS thanks to my recommendation (meaning, by buying it through any of the buttons on this page), I want to add an additional MASSIVE BONUS.

You get my Master Blogger Bundle at no cost.

Its price is $888 and it contains all the resources you need to start a blog from scratch and turn it into a full-time business. When purchased separately, all the trainings you’ll find inside cost $1234.

what's inside the master blogger bundle

course bundle - the master blogger bundle

✔️ my signature blogging course Blog to Biz System that teaches you how to start, grow and monetize a blog, and scale it to 5 figures;

✔️ a course on content marketing and branding, Fearless Content, that teaches you how to create content aligned with your true self and uplevel your brand;

✔️ the Blog Sponsorship Boss, a course on how to start making money with sponsored blog posts, find and pitch brands, and get paid every time;

✔️ a professional blog audit of your website and blogging strategy so you can stop doing anything that doesn’t help you grow, get suggestions on how to improve and next steps to take;

✔️ a blog income toolkit that contains an eBook and templates to help you grow your revenue (such as done-for-you email series, brand email pitch, lead magnets, media kit template, and more);

✔️ a workshop called Blog Income Boost that shows you 7 revenue-boosting strategies you can try right away to get closer to that 5-figure income;

✔️ The Blog Planner, a collection of printables to help you organize your blogging business, plan your content, track your income, etc.

This bundle of products is all you need to launch your blog, grow the traffic and income, create a remarkable content marketing strategy, build your sales funnel, turn your blog into a full-time business, have passive income streams, get your blog audited by me + get a personalized growth action plan.

You can learn more about the Master Blogger Bundle here.

How to get access

Purchase Business by Design using this link.

Email me with a screenshot of the purchase/confirmation email at

I’ll get back to you with access to the Master Blogger Bundle.

The result? James will help you build a digital product business like a pro, and my products will help you build a blogging business that complements it.

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