LRS 099: Why You Should Be Your Own Boss

Why You Should Be Your Own Boss - let's reach success podcast

This episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast will be loaded with reasons for you to be your own boss, which is one of the best things I did in my life.

I’ll share with you the real benefits of working for yourself, as so many people want to live such a lifestyle, but keep making excuses. Well, for those of you who aren’t convinced enough, and although you might know why it’s nice to be self-employed these days, I wanna talk about the good side.

Back in episode 88 I shared the not so pleasant side of this. As freelancing, or owning a small online business, or entrepreneurship, goes together with such hurdles that not anyone can handle.

These are things such as feeling lonely and not having anyone around you show understanding. Being constantly stressed and losing sleep over your work. And also being broke for some time till you get things off the ground.

I created this a bit darker and harsh episode for those who have their doubts about becoming their own boss. While the freedom you get in the future is sweet, it’s also a lot of responsibility and stress. Some people simply aren’t born for this.

So if what I described back in that episode sounded too much for some, they shouldn’t bother going through all the work and waste time creating a business. Cause then they won’t be able to enjoy the lifestyle it provides.

Now, however, I want to talk about the benefits to be your own boss.

I’ve felt each and every one of them and it’s all true. Depending on how you structure your days, how your prioritize, how much you love what you do, and whether or not you separate work from personal life.

So, if you wanna take control of your life, be more independent, have the freedom to work from anywhere and make as much money as you deserve instead of being stuck in the 9 to 5, listen on.

The Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Show Notes:

  • What’s wrong with working for someone else [3:18]
  • How doing the work you want makes you live a long and happy life [5:25]
  • What gives you creative independence [8:36]
  • The financial risk of doing what you love, and the possibility of building wealth [9:57]
  • The connection between being happy with your work and making more money [11:43]


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