How to Become Indispensable at Work

How to Become Indispensable at Work

In today’s workforce and job market it’s vital to job security that you make yourself as indispensable as you possibly can at what you do.

Many countries currently have an unsteady economy and unemployment rates are higher than they were 10 years ago. So learning to ‘manage up’ is key in securing your position at your place of work.

What is managing up all about?

Managing up is mostly about going above and beyond what your job description says you should be doing.

Thinking outside the box and actively working to make things easier for those in positions above yours, are important strategies.

A good employee fulfills their job description; a great employee anticipates needs before they become a cause for concern.

It sounds like hard work and it is. But one feature common to indispensable employees is the willingness to do the tough work their co-workers won’t.

Get to know your manager.

For a lot of people dealing with management is mostly about staying out of their way. If you want to be successful in managing up, you need to get to know who you’re working for, figure out what their managing style is all about, and then play up your skills to accommodate and facilitate their needs.

Talking to and getting to know your boss doesn’t have to be a scary thing.

Realize that you are both working toward the same cause and then perhaps you’ll be able to be more comfortable talking to them.

Ask the right questions, know the right answers.

Many employees feel that they aren’t allowed to ask questions of their superiors. They want to punch in, do their assigned tasks, punch out and go home.

If you want to be valued at work, then keep your eyes and ears open. Ask the right questions when the opportunities present themselves.

Maybe you overheard two managers discussing how to correct a potential issue before it actually becomes one. Jump in and ask if you can be of assistance. Make it clear that it would be a pleasure to help out the team.

Or, do some extra legwork and do the research to come up with a plan of action to present them with. You now have a possible answer to a question that wasn’t even asked yet.

Look to increase your skills.

Be eager to learn and ask your boss about training opportunities.

You and your employer will derive many benefits from training related to your job. Inquire whether your company would sponsor you to increase your knowledge of the industry you work in or the role you perform.

If your employer doesn’t want to sponsor you in such an endeavor, consider paying for it yourself. By increasing your skills, you will have greater earning potential and be more employable should you choose or need to move on.

Above all else though, remember to keep a positive attitude and be a team player when needed.

Make sure that the responsibilities in your actual role are always met and don’t let the quality of your work suffer. It’s important to stand out but not to be looked upon as a weak link.

Focus on the task at hand before moving on to managing up and before you know it you will become a valuable asset to both your manager and your company.

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